Digital Healthcare Transformation and Innovation,  optimising knowledge flow

By Ian Chuang, MD

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began there has been a global explosion in innovation in the digital health space, from rolling out contact tracing mobile apps to deploying digital solutions to flatten the curve.

New solutions and technologies hold incredible promise, but they also add more variables to variation in care. Solutions that appear to be the way forward may be introducing other problems instead or pushing the pain points for clinicians and patients – with unintended consequences.

Whatever new technology we bring forth, and however we transform healthcare delivery, a safe, positive and impactful experience for all is imperative.

Dr Ian Chuang - Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Elsevier's EMEALAAP Health business believes the key to success lies in human-centred design thinking, such as Clinical Decision Support (CDS), so that knowledge is accessible for healthcare professionals in a logical and utilitarian way. He explores the three intersecting dimensions (Clinical Workflow, Decision Flow and Data Flow) required to optimally deliver knowledge flow across a care process to achieve the desired goals at the point of clinical action and the ideal physician-patient experience.

As we continue riding the incoming waves of the pandemic with a new pace of innovation adoption, the technology transforming healthcare delivery must align towards a knowledge-driven care process to buoy us, not drown us.

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