ClinicalKeyTM for nursing: driving significant improvement in nursing practice

Learning is an integral part of nursing at Breach Candy Hospital Trust (Breach Candy), a leading hospital renowned for its excellent service in medical treatment, diagnostic service, and nursing care. Besides its acclaimed clinical care, Breach Candy is recognized for its dedicated and highly qualified nursing staff. The nursing team is committed to provide the best assistance in clinical care while constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills to better coordinate with the care team and improve patient care.

Since the introduction of ClinicalKey for Nursing at Breach Candy, nurses have quickly taken advantage of the comprehensive, relevant, and well-organized source of information as well as the advanced tools available on the platform to meet their goals for improved nursing practice at the hospital. It enables the nursing team to develop their skills while facing new challenges in their work to perform strongly alongside doctors at the point-of-care. The quality of patient education and interaction with nurses has improved, even in less frequently encountered clinical cases, because nurses are equipped with a single source of current, credible and highly relevant information to help patients with their conditions.

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Breach Candy is a center of critical care with 222 beds in Mumbai, India. The hospital has earned national recognition as a leader in orthopedics, cardiology, and gastroenterology.

Breach Candy’s nursing care is widely recognized as India’s best. Staffed with some 500 nurses, the nursing department is committed to uphold a long-standing tradition of nursing excellence to achieve an “A” rating from India’s National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH).

Nursing-focused information to support nursing care

Nurses at Breach Candy need credible information to help them perform various responsibilities:

  • Administering medication
  • Managing nursing policies
  • Monitoring for complications
  • Preparing case studies
  • Providing patient education

Without information catered for nurses, information available to Breach Candy’s nurses is rarely helpful for their work. While books and journals are useful, nurses’ busy work schedules mean that making a trip to the library or browsing books for answers is a time-consuming option. Many nurses therefore turned to more convenient information sources such as Google or a clinical decision-support program for doctors available at the hospital, where information is not catered to nurses.

Managing patient confidence via care consistency

Patients at Breach Candy rely heavily on nurses for clarifications at different care touch points. As patients become more knowledgeable, nurses need to be equipped with comprehensive information to deal with more in-depth questions.

Breach Candy’s nurses come from different educational and professional backgrounds in nursing, which result in the use of different nursing techniques in procedures. The nursing department has to come to a consensus on what technique to use in an unbiased and justifiable manner, often by finding supporting evidence.

Solution: ClinicalKey for Nursing

With the adoption of ClinicalKey for Nursing, an online solution for evidence-based clinical information, the nursing team at Breach Candy has significantly enhanced its practice. According to the hospital’s Head of Nursing, 70 to 80 percent of the nursing staff has registered in the platform. Despite their hectic schedules, usage remains high. Nurses are reported to use the program for at least one or two 15-minutes sessions every day, either via mobile phones or computers.

Designed by nurses, ClinicalKey for Nursing contains comprehensive information that is highly relevant when it comes to supporting a variety of nursing needs. Trusted nursing content including nursing monographs, books, journals, practice guidelines, and nursing recommendations can all be found on the platform available both on mobile devices and desktop computers, making access to information easy and convenient.

Credible clinical information is used to support arguments and align nursing practice. Ms. Sheela Remedios, Head of Training and Development, observed that nurses at Breach Candy “utilize ClinicalKey for Nursing as a platform to consult case studies and procedures; and thereby come to a consensus on the treatment regimen for the patient.” The platform also features trending topics to help nurses stay current with scientific advancement in their field.

Nurses are also becoming more sophisticated in leveraging the value of the solution by quickly realizing the benefits of additional tools and features such as the Presentation Maker to prepare their weekly presentations. The usage of ClinicalKey for Nursing’s Discovery Usage Tool has increased approximately five times between May and September 2016. On average, nurses have saved from 30 minutes to as much as one hour of their presentation preparation time.

There is a strong sense among nurses at Breach Candy that ClinicalKey for Nursing is a superb resource that augments both their practice and training.

I would recommend ClinicalKey for Nursing to everyone. It makes us more knowledgeable, up-to-date and smarter. An amazing education tool for myself, my staff nurses and my student nurses, too.


Fast, trusted answers to support better clinical decisions

ClinicalKey for Nursing has helped the nurses at Breach Candy access timely, accurate, and relevant information at the point of care. Ms. Ashmita Rodriques, a nurse from the Medical and Surgical Ward, points out that nurses have been referring to ClinicalKey for Nursing when delivering care. Ms. Rodriques thinks this is a very important tool in ensuring patient safety at the crucial first steps of admittance and initial treatment diagnosis.

Nurses can retrieve answers to their questions directly from ClinicalKey for Nursing from their mobile phones and tablets without having to go to the library. ClinicalKey for Nursing has shortened the time nurses need to find information, which helps them make well-informed decisions in their practice. Nurses report that they have saved at least 15 minutes of their valuable time when treating a patient.

Keeping nurses current to improve patient care

ClinicalKey for Nursing has helped nurses with their presentations at weekly meetings – an essential activity in the Breach Candy’s nurse training program. Before the solution was available, discussions of difficult cases or new knowledge were limited among nurses. Ms. Prajakta Hindlekar, the Director of Nursing at Breach Candy, highlights how ClinicalKey for Nursing is strengthening the excellent nursing training program, “the training we do has to be supplemented with readily available reference and a lot of self-learning. Thus ClinicalKey for Nursing is key because it motivates the nurses to gain institutional access and learn.” The nurses also utilize the Presentation Maker toolkit to supplement their weekly training sessions.

Clear information for nurses to drive better patient education and interaction

It is important that nurses are able to convey their medical information to patients in a clear and simple way. For patients who ask about the side effects, safety precautions, or even dietary restrictions during treatment, ClinicalKey for Nursing offers clear explanations on key information related to the patient’s medical conditions that can be readily delivered to them. “Thanks to the clear information I find on ClinicalKey for Nursing, I can offer better explanation for patients and thus improve my patient interaction experience,” says Ms. Surekha Damania, Ward Superintendent of the surgical intensive care unit at Breach Candy.

ClinicalKey for Nursing also features patient education handouts that gives nurses the option of customizing handouts to ensure the relevance and usefulness of the information. This helps nurses to formulate their health education at the point of discharge.

All nurses have to do is to quickly extract detailed information meant for use in patient education on ClinicalKey for Nursing. Patients are now more reassured after consultation and feel more confident about the treatment they receive at Breach Candy.

Satisfied and engaged nurses

Breach Candy hopes to help its nurses grow professionally by encouraging learning and keeping them motivated. ClinicalKey for Nursing provides learning opportunities where nurses can also acquire knowledge about nursing management, nursing assessment and care plans.

The use of ClinicalKey for Nursing helps nurses feel a sense of satisfaction as it improves their knowledge level, which indirectly plays a major role in helping to minimize staff attrition.


Current, credible, evidence-based information available in ClinicalKey for Nursing has given nurses the tools to improve their nursing practice, via training and education. With nurses gaining greater confidence through their usage of ClinicalKey for Nursing, patient interaction and satisfaction at Breach Candy has also improved.

Even with the continuous increase in patient volume, advances in clinical diagnosis and treatment, and competition from other highly reputable hospitals, nurses at Breach Candy are well-prepared to meet the challenge of maintaining the hospital’s care quality delivered to generations of patients.

For the hospital, ClinicalKey for Nursing has also strengthened its top-notch nursing training program with its wealth of information and case studies catered specifically for those in the nursing profession. It has also helped align Breach Candy’s nursing practice with current standards.

ClinicalKey for Nursing is an essential solution for healthcare institutions and nurses that strive to improve patient care.

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