AI vs. IA in Radiology: What’s the difference and does it matter?

AI vs. IA in Radiology: What’s the difference and does it matter?

As a radiologist, you’ve probably considered AI and its future in your profession. But what about IA? According to Dr. Matthew Morgan, associate professor of radiology at the University of Utah, it might be the real future of radiology:

“We stand on the precipice of a new era of human-computer partnership, wherein computers may move beyond data delivery and take more of a proactive role in the detection and diagnosis of disease.”

In his webinar, Dr. Morgan discusses the convergence of AI with expert opinion to form intelligence augmentation, and how the technology to achieve real IA is here:

  • Computers are taking more of a proactive role in detection and diagnosis
  • Increased use of AI to do things humans can’t, like create algorithms that improve image quality and reduce radiation doses
  • He encourages and welcomes the move to a new era of decision support in radiology
  • Incorporate IA in these bullets

Watch Dr. Morgan’s webinar and learn as he describes the evolution of humans and computers from the beginning to today—and ponders the future of computer intelligence in radiology.

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