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Aligning nursing procedures and competency evaluation across an integrated healthcare system

In adopting Elsevier Clinical Skills, CHI Clinical Leadership set out to accomplish its long-term vision of delivering evidence-based practice throughout its network.

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Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) investigated several electronic, evidence-based referential solutions to create a more robust and reliable nursing education system for its 73 hospitals. CHI’s Nurse Executive Council chose Elsevier Clinical Skills as its solution for reducing variation in skills and procedures, validating technical clinical competence and promoting the use of web-based resources alongside evidence-based practices.

For a network as large as CHI, adapting procedures and changing their culture at scale requires a concerted, powerful and thoughtful solution that can be understood and implemented in many different contexts. CHI’s National Clinical Practice Oversight Team (NCPOT), consisting of representatives from its seven national divisions, developed a comprehensive approach on how to educate staff on utilizing Clinical Skills.

Implementation at each facility was executed over a 6-9 month period, which required a gap analysis of policies with nursing procedures, Use & Revision Policy adoption, training sessions, internal communications and supporting documents to ensure Clinical Skills success system-wide.

In adopting Clinical Skills, CHI Clinical Leadership set out to accomplish its destination metric (or long-term vision) of delivering evidence-based practice throughout its network. This created meaningful improvements, ranging from greater operational efficiency, to employing new, standardized procedures across all facilities and departments.

“When our current practice is different than practice as outlined in Clinical Skills, we will change our practice to align with the evidence found in Clinical Skills.” - Alison Mason, MS, RN, National Director, Quality Informatics, CHI

Promoting Consistent, Standardized Care

A uniform set of expectations, workflows and digital resources was essential for CHI in realizing greater standardization of nursing practice and alignment across its network. By leveraging the evidence-based skills and procedures from Clinical Skills alongside other clinical reference solutions, such as Elsevier ClinicalKey for Nursing, CHI developed a framework for alignment and improved connectivity to decrease practice errors, reduce risk and improve patient outcomes.

“One of the main reasons we use a resource such as Clinical Skills is to reduce the burden of review and research on our facilities and the redundancy of work effort.” Alison Mason

Driving Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices

Clinical Skills is critical in not only promoting standardization, but also in ensuring clinicians have quick and easy access to the latest, evidence-based content across the organization.

Clinical Skills has been foundational in the development of CHI’s Evidence-Based Toolkits and OneCare, which is its clinical informatics implementation and standardization body. Through integrating Clinical Skills in workflows at CHI’s national level, each facility’s policies are aligned to the same evidence-based skills, procedures and training modules. “Clinical Skills represents our source of truth for evidence- based practice across our enterprise" says Ms. Mason.

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