Clinical Practice

Evidence based content integrated directly into your EHR

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Clinical Practice

Evidence based content integrated directly into your EHR

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Integrating evidence based content directly into EHR

Solutions that encourage patient-centered care by integrating evidence-based content directly into EHR systems. Includes care planning, clinical documentation, and order sets.

  • Incorporates evidence-based, trusted content into your care plans and order sets
  • Delivers the most current and accurate drug data and decision support information
  • Optimizes your IT investment by integrating content directly into your EHR

Our solutions

Care Planning & Professional Practice Services

Integrate evidence-based, patient-centered care planning directly into your EHR.

Arezzo Pathways

Provides clinically approved best practice guidelines and matches them with each patient to provide a recommended care pathway specifically to them.

Order Sets

Enables you to quickly translate knowledge into actionable orders.

Care Planning Ambulatory
Patient-centered, longitudinal care

Our new solution provides evidence-based clinical workflow tools and guides focusing on chronic care and wellness and shared assessments and interventions supporting one longitudinal plan of care across the continuum.

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Perioperative care plans: critical tools in improving care and reducing costs in the surgical environment

As patients move from caregiver to caregiver, across venues and disciplines, their care plan and documentation can be left behind. The perioperative environment should be a key focus of healthcare leaders for the financial implications of process and outcome improvement.

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How Elsevier helped University of Kentucky HealthCare® bring order to their order sets

University of Kentucky HealthCare® struggled with an inefficient order set management process. Today, UKHC creates order sets in a fraction of the time, and workflow and management has significantly improved for all users.

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