Series: Intelligent Data-Centric Systems: Sensor Collected Intelligence

Series: Intelligent Data-Centric Systems: Sensor Collected Intelligence

Intelligent Data-Centric Systems publishes the latest research findings and technological developments in the area of smart sensors and collected sensor data intelligence. Books in this series provide full coverage of leading computing paradigms and technologies, development applications, empirical studies, and future trends in the multi-disciplinary field comprising smart sensors, smart sensor networks, data analysis, and machine intelligence methods.

Topical coverage includes but is not limited to:

  • Smart Sensors Collective Intelligence
  • Ambient Intelligent Systems
  • Computing with Smart Devices 
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • IOT Systems and Mobile Computing
  • Massive Data Processing and Analysis
  • Social Sensing Data
  • Wireless Sensor Networks and Data Fusion Techniques
  • Data Analytics
  • Applications: Surveillance Tracking Systems, Disaster Management, Medical Systems, Transportation, Business Intelligence, Environmental Monitoring Systems, eLearning and Virtual Campuses, Smart Grids and Energy Efficiency Systems, etc.


  • Provides the latest information on significant research findings and developments in these fields
  • Provides coverage of research topics and development from various perspectives and needs
  • Offers timely coverage of emerging topics and discussion of future trends


New Volume Proposals:

  • Volumes can be Edited, Multi-Authored, or Authored Monographs
  • New volume proposals should:
    • Include a well-structured Table of Contents
    • Be innovative, including original features, and any overlaps with published titles in the IDCS Series should be explained
    • Include a list of confirmed or tentative, geographically distributed, authors (for Edited volumes)

  • Conference and workshop organizers are encouraged to present their book proposals, at the *post-conference* stage, including a complete list of chapter titles and authors. Chapters must be significantly expanded from original conference papers and meet the above criteria.
  • Ask the Series Editor or Publisher for a New Proposal Form, Guidelines for Book Preparation, and/or Sample Chapter Template

All published volumes in this book series are submitted for indexing in:

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For further information, please contact:

Series Editor: 
Professor Fatos Xhafa, Ph.D.
Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

Mara Conner
Elsevier, Computer Science,
Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering

Book Series: Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain

Most recent volume

Volume . Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain

Published: 1st May 2022 Editors: Chinmay Chakraborty Subhendukumar Pani Mohd Abdul Ahad Qin Xin

Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain provides imperative research on the development of data fusion and analytics for healthcare and their implementation into current issues in a real-time environment. While highlighting IoT, bio-inspired computing, big data, and evolutionary programming, the book explores various concepts and theories of data fusion, IoT, and Big Data Analytics. It also investigates the challenges and methodologies required to integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources, analytical platforms in healthcare sectors.

This book is unique in the way that it provides useful insights into the implementation of a smart and intelligent healthcare system in a post-Covid-19 world using enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain in providing transparent, faster, secure and privacy preserved healthcare ecosystem for the masses.

Additional volumes

5G IoT and Edge Computing for Smart Healthcare

Published: 1st April 2022 Editors: Akash Bhoi Victor de Albuquerque Samarendra Sur Paolo Barsocchi

Sensor Collected Intelligence: Current Trends and Advances in Computer-Aided Intelligent Environmental Data Engineering

Published: 1st March 2022 Editors: Goncalo Marques Joshua Ighalo

Autonomous and Connected Heavy Vehicle Technology

Published: 1st February 2022 Series Editor: Fatos Xhafa Editors: Rajalakshmi Krishnamurthi Adarsh Kumar Sukhpal Gill

Cognitive and Soft Computing Techniques for the Analysis of Healthcare Data

Published: 1st January 2022 Editors: Akash Bhoi Victor de Albuquerque Parvathaneni Srinivasu Goncalo Marques

AI, Edge and IoT-based Smart Agriculture

Published: 19th November 2021 Editors: Ajith Abraham Sujata Dash Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues Biswaranjan Acharya Subhendu Kumar Pani

Nature-Inspired Computing Paradigms in Systems

Published: 18th June 2021 Editors: Mohamed Arezki Mellal Michael G. Pecht

Intelligent Systems and Learning Data Analytics in Online Education

Published: 15th June 2021 Editors: Santi Caballé Stavros Demetriadis Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez Pantelis Papadopoulos Armin Weinberger

Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT for Medical Informatics

Published: 13th June 2021 Series Editor: Fatos Xhafa Editors: Pardeep Kumar Yugal Kumar Mohamed A. Tawhid

IoT-Based Data Analytics for the Healthcare Industry

Published: 7th November 2020 Editors: Sanjay Kumar Singh Ravi Shankar Singh Anil Kumar Pandey Udmale S.S. Ankit Chaudhary

Security in IoT Social Networks

Published: 23rd October 2020 Editors: Fadi Al-Turjman B.D. Deebak

Intelligent Environmental Data Monitoring for Pollution Management

Published: 22nd October 2020 Editors: Siddhartha Bhattacharyya Naba Kumar Mondal Jan Platos Vaclav Snasel Pavel Kromer

Intelligent Data Security Solutions for e-Health Applications

Published: 26th August 2020 Editors: Amit Kumar Singh Mohamed Elhoseny

Swarm Intelligence for Resource Management in Internet of Things

Published: 18th August 2020 Editors: Aboul Ella Hassanien Ashraf Darwish

The Cognitive Approach in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Technologies for Surveillance Tracking Systems

Published: 14th March 2020 Editors: Dinesh Peter Amir Alavi Bahman Javadi Steven Fernandes

Smart Delivery Systems

Published: 15th November 2019 Editor: Jakub Nalepa

Intelligent Data Analysis for Biomedical Applications

Published: 15th March 2019 Editors: D. Jude Hemanth Deepak Gupta Valentina Emilia Balas

Geographical and Fingerprinting Data for Positioning and Navigation Systems

Published: 14th September 2018 Editors: Jordi Conesa Antoni Pérez-Navarro Joaquin Torres-Sospedra Raul Montoliu

Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Big Data on the Cloud with Engineering Applications

Published: 21st August 2018 Editors: Arun Kumar Sangaiah Zhiyong Z,Zhang Michael Sheng

Intelligent Data Sensing and Processing for Health and Well-being Applications

Published: 26th July 2018 Editors: Miguel Antonio Wister Ovando Pablo Pancardo Garcia Francisco Diego Acosta Escalante Jose Adan Hernandez Nolasco

Security and Resilience in Intelligent Data-Centric Systems and Communication Networks

Published: 20th September 2017 Editors: Massimo Ficco Francesco Palmieri

Adaptive Mobile Computing

Published: 14th August 2017 Editors: Mauro Migliardi Alessio Merlo Sherenaz Al-HajBaddar

Smart Sensors Networks

Published: 8th June 2017 Editors: Fatos Xhafa Fang-Yie Leu Li-Ling Hung

Cognitive Information Systems in Management Sciences

Published: 28th February 2017 Author: Lidia Ogiela

Big Data Analytics for Sensor-Network Collected Intelligence

Published: 2nd February 2017 Editors: Hui-Huang Hsu Chuan-Yu Chang Ching-Hsien Hsu

Cyber-Physical Systems

Published: 27th August 2016 Editors: Houbing Song Danda Rawat Sabina Jeschke Christian Brecher

Intelligent Data Analysis for e-Learning

Published: 9th August 2016 Authors: Jorge Miguel Santi Caballé Fatos Xhafa

Formative Assessment, Learning Data Analytics and Gamification

Published: 9th May 2016 Authors: Santi Caballé Robert Clarisó

Pervasive Computing

Published: 13th April 2016 Editors: Ciprian Dobre Fatos Xhafa