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Interstitial Lamella and Osteon Concentric Lamella
Skeletal System

Interstitial Lamella and Osteon Concentric Lamella

Lamella interstitialis et lamella osteoni

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Quick Facts

The interstitial lamella is one of the bony plates that fill in between the osteons. The osteon concentric lamella is one of the concentric bony plates surrounding a haversian canal (Dorland, 2011).

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The concentric lamellae refer to the arrangement of bone matrix layers that makes up the osteons. In cortical bone, the interstitial lamellae are found in irregular orientations between the osteons (Ross and Pawlina, 2006).

The interstitial lamellae have a haphazard orientation, which is in contrast to the cylindrical concentric lamellae seen surrounding the nutrient canals.

Anatomical Relations

The interstitial lamellae are the remnants of circumferential lamellae from older osteons (Standring, 2016). They are separated from osteons by a thin layer called the cement line. The cement lines are primarily composed of glycoproteins and proteoglycans with very little collagen.

The concentric lamellae are cylindrical rings of lamellae which are rich in collagen. They surround the nutrient canals of osteons.


Interstitial lamellae provide rigid support through the continuous process of bone remodeling by filling the spaces between osteons with dense lamellar bone.

The collagen rich concentric lamellae provide integrity and structural support to the compact bone.


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