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Transverse Natatory Veins (Left)
Cardiovascular System

Transverse Natatory Veins (Left)

Venae transversae natatorium

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Quick Facts

Origin: Palmar digital veins.

Course: Laterally within web space of the digits of the hand.

Tributaries: No named tributaries.

Drainage: Digits of the hand.

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The transverse natatory veins originate from the palmar digital veins (Chung and Steinbach, 2009).


The transverse natatory veins course within the webbed spaces between the proximal aspect of the digits, deep to the superficial transverse metacarpal ligament (i.e., the natatory ligament) (Doyle and Botte, 2003; Chung and Steinbach, 2009).


There are no named tributaries.

Structures Drained

The transverse natatory veins contribute to the venous drainage of the digits of the hand.


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The world's most advanced 3D anatomy platform

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