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Dorsal Metacarpal Veins
Cardiovascular System

Dorsal Metacarpal Veins

Venae metacarpeae dorsales

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Quick Facts

Origin: Dorsal digital veins.

Course: Proximally, along dorsal aspect of the metacarpals.

Tributaries: Perforating branches from the palmar metacarpal veins.

Drainage: Hand.

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The dorsal metacarpal veins arise from the unification of adjacent dorsal digital veins.


The dorsal metacarpal veins run between the interosseous spaces in a proximal direction. They drain into the dorsal venous network of the hand (Moore et al., 2013).


The dorsal metacarpal veins, which accompany the dorsal metacarpal arteries, receive perforating branches from the palmar metacarpal veins (Standring, 2016).

Structures Drained

The dorsal metacarpal veins contribute to the venous drainage of the hand.


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