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Great Cardiac Vein
Cardiovascular System

Great Cardiac Vein

Vena magna cordis

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Quick Facts

Origin: Anterior interventricular sulcus.

Course: Superiorly within the anterior interventricular sulcus then within the coronary sulcus to the coronary sinus.

Tributaries: Left marginal, ventricular, atrial, and oblique veins.

Drainage: Left ventricle.

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The great cardiac vein originates at the apex of the heart as the anterior interventricular vein.


The great cardiac vein ascends within the anterior interventricular groove then courses to the left to the posterior aspect of the heart where it enters the coronary sinus.


The great cardiac vein receives its tributaries from the left side of the heart via the left marginal vein, as well as the ventricular and atrial veins. It receives the oblique vein at the inferior (posterior) surface of the heart as it courses towards the coronary sinus.

Structures Drained

The great cardiac vein drains most of the left side of the heart.

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Great Cardiac Vein

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17,18 It is composed of bands of muscle arising from the right and left atrial walls19 and extends in most cases to, and occasionally beyond, the great cardiac vein.

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