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Supratrochlear Artery
Cardiovascular System

Supratrochlear Artery

Arteria supratrochlearis

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The supratrochlear artery arises as one of the two terminal branches of the ophthalmic artery, the other being the external nasal artery.


Accompanied by the supratrochlear nerve, the supratrochlear artery leaves the orbit superomedially. It ascends on the forehead.


There are no named branches, however, the supratrochlear artery anastomosis with the supraorbital artery and its fellow from the opposite side.

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The supratrochlear artery supplies the skin and muscle of the forehead.

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Supratrochlear Artery

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The supratrochlear artery is also a terminal branch of the ophthalmic artery and is located in the superomedial area of the orbit, and has extensive vascular anastomoses throughout the forehead and with the adjacent supraorbital artery (Khan et al., 2017).

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