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Middle Temporal Artery (Left)
Cardiovascular System

Middle Temporal Artery (Left)

Arteria temporalis media

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The middle temporal artery arises from the superficial temporal artery just superior to the zygomatic arch. It is not to be confused with the temporal branch of the medial cerebral artery, which is also known as the middle temporal artery.


The middle temporal artery pierces the temporal fascia and ascends on the squamous part of the temporal bone in the groove for the middle temporal artery, just anterior to the external acoustic meatus.


There are no named branches, however, occasionally it can give off the zygomaticoorbital artery. Additionally, the middle temporal artery anastomoses with the deep temporal arteries arising from the maxillary artery.

Supplied Structures

The middle temporal artery provides arterial supply to the temporalis muscle.

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