Welcome to The Hive

welcome to the hiveElsevier’s The Hive is an innovation initiative for companies in the chemicals and materials, oil and gas, automotive, equipment manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and engineering, construction and design industries. It provides an opportunity for participating companies to advance their research and for others to learn from their experience. The goal of The Hive is to help foster the discoveries that happen in R&D and engineering-intensive companies, accelerating the route to market for new innovations.

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Benefits of participation

  • Free, unlimited access to Elsevier’s select solution suite, including, among others, Knovel, Engineering Village and Scopus
  • Full training and support on solutions
  • The opportunity to share your story and innovation journey with the world

The Hive is now accepting applications from the following types of companies:

  • Is in one of the following industries:
    • Chemicals and materials
    • Oil & gas
    • Automotive
    • Equipment Manufacturing
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Engineering, Construction, & Design
  • Is not currently seeking to be acquired
  • Is a small-to-medium-sized company, with its engineers and researchers in 1-2 locations

The Hive is now accepting applications from the following types of companies

Discover how access to the latest research, tools and insights from Elsevier can accelerate your R&D.

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