Product Development Strategy: Speed to Market

Only one in three new chemical products launches successfully. The growing complexity of regulation in combination with a need to get closer to customers when launching new performance products has created more pressure in the lab for multinational chemical companies. Access to comprehensive chemistry data and dynamic research trends helps reduce that pressure and speed products to market.
Chemical research and development

Elsevier Solutions for Chemicals R&D


Reaxys improves productivity at chemical companies in researching and developing new or improved chemicals products by supporting synthesis optimization and providing proven chemical properties.

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Knovel helps chemical companies tackle development and production challenges such as piping design, chemical engineering and processing, and EHS compliance with online engineering tools and curated content and databases.

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ScienceDirect, Elsevier’s leading information solution for researchers, enables pharma researchers to more effectively and efficiently search authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health content through the use of smart, intuitive functionality.

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Scopus helps pharma researchers detect trends, find research partnerships and identify key opinion leaders with the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, complete with tools to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research.

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The Materials Revolution is Here: How Are You Keeping Up?

Is your organization properly leveraging materials innovation and applications? Find out how you compare to top industry performers and get new ideas to drive commercially successful new product development, and more.

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A Coating Polymer For Extreme Conditions - Chemical R&D | Elsevier

Alpha Moments in the Chemical Industry – A Coating Polymer For Extreme Conditions

Discover how an adhesive company relied on a chemistry research tool to sift through the clutter and pinpoint a high performance, low cost monomer to enable their polymer coating’s commercial viability.

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Early Integration of EHS
Principles in NPD

Implementing environmental health and safety risk assessments and processes into early R&D and new product development phases can result in a competitive edge.

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Addressing EHS Risk

With costly regulatory challenges mounting, chemical companies must start mitigating environmental health and safety risks in the early stages of new product development.

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