For safe, sustainable and compliant manufacturing in an increasingly complex market

Chemical plants must constantly pursue true manufacturing excellence because the slimmest margins dictate industry success. But increasingly complex regulatory requirements and the demand for higher volumes of new performance product make achieving excellence even more challenging.

>For safe, sustainable and compliant manufacturing - Chemicals | Elsevier

How we help

Elsevier’s R&D solutions helps companies manufacture and profit from chemical products by enabling them to:

  • Optimize manufacturing processes for quality and safety
  • Reduce plant and manufacturing costs
  • Mitigate EHS risks

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  • Validate data points (like materials properties data)
  • Leverage existing plant designs and systems
  • Reference existing equipment design
  • Access operational best practices

2nd Annual Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference and Executive Roundtable:

Presenters and attendees share their views

Customer story

Thousands of engineers and other chemical manufacturing staff rely on our solutions.

Preventing corrosion in an acetic acid tank - Chemicals & Materials | Elsevier R&D Solutions

Preventing corrosion in an acetic acid tank

A chemical company noticed a corrosion problem in some metal tanks where the tanks were exposed to vapor, but not liquid. The team leveraged the vast repository of chemical data on Knovel. See how they solved the problem — and prevented disaster.

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Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


Reaxys delivers real-world experimental information — such as robust, optimized synthesis routes — that gives clear expectations of potential outcomes and makes it easier to find the process that will pass lab tests.

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Knovel helps optimize materials input and utilities consumption while mitigating risks with plant design of piping, equipment and instrumentation systems. It provides best practice insights and validated data, enabling engineers and heads of manufacturing to meet manufacturing goals.
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ScienceDirect enables chemical manufacturers to develop plans for ongoing plant optimization and sustainability. It keeps researchers up-to-date with the most recent research on topics such as plant process design, manufacturing sustainability, and instrumentation and sensing.
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Supporting green chemistry goals economically

Supporting green chemistry goals economically - Chemicals & Materials |Elsevier R&D Solutions

While working in process design and evaluation, chemical industry expert John Parks found that the processes which were best for the environment also tended to be better financially. Learn more about the practical approach to going green.
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More efficient Chemistry

More efficient Chemistry - Chemicals & Materials |Elsevier R&D Solutions

Reaction engineering has the potential to address inefficiencies and sustainability issues in chemistry. Expert Professor Alexei Lapkin explains more in this new interview.
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