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Combining data, analytics and technology capabilities to help you drive safer, efficient and compliant chemical manufacturing processes

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For Safe, Sustainable and Compliant Manufacturing
in an Increasingly Complex Market

Chemical plants are in constant pursuit of manufacturing excellence because the slimmest margins dictate industry success. But increasingly complex regulatory requirements and the demand for higher volumes of new performance product make achieving excellence even more challenging.

Empower manufacturing engineers with visibility into chemical engineering data to more quickly design, test and train staff to achieve a safe, compliant and efficient production line.

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Chemical manufacturing

Green and sustainable chemistry conference in Berlin

How can industry better demonstrate the value of green and sustainable across its value chains and end consumers?

Tuesday 16 May, 12:50 pm CET

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How can industry better demonstrate the value of green and sustainable across its value chains and end consumers | Elsevier

Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


Reaxys supports the design of chemical processes by enabling chemists to understand synthetic routes, manufacturing yield expectations and manufacturing by-products so that materials can be manufactured safely and to specification.

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Knovel helps optimize materials input and utilities consumption while mitigating risks with plant design of piping, equipment and instrumentation systems by providing best practice insights and validated data, enabling engineers and heads of manufacturing to meet manufacturing goals.

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Engineering Village

Engineering Village connects engineers with key chemical manufacturing trends and organizations, enabling them to identify leads for capital investment optimization, partner with leading engineering researchers and stay up-to-date on competition.

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ScienceDirect enables chemical manufacturers to develop plans for ongoing plant optimization and sustainability by keeping researchers up-to-date with the most recent research in topics such as plant process design, manufacturing sustainability, and instrumentation and sensing.

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How Do You Get to Alpha? - Chemicals R&D Solutions | Elsevier

How Do You Get to Alpha?

Alpha has many meanings, but for us Alpha is that moment when a chemist, researcher or engineer reaches a chemical product and process innovation milestone. It may happen in an instant, but it’s the result of years of unrelenting focus, skill and persistence.

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Discover how other innovators reached Alpha

The Materials Revolution is Here: How Are You Keeping Up?

Is your organization properly leveraging materials innovation and applications? Find out how you compare to top industry performers and get new ideas to drive commercially successful new product development, and more.

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The Materials Revolution is Here: How Are You Keeping Up?

Proactive Planning

Implementing an environmental health & safety plan keeps chemical companies ahead of changing regulations. Learn why an EHS plan is integral to business success.

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Processing EHS

Integrating environmental health and safety principles into process design can result in major competitive advantage for chemical companies.

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