Expanding the limits of reconstructive surgery

Dr. Marc Swan and Professor Jan Czernuszka of Oxtex developed a self-inflating tissue expander that helps surgeons to improve reconstructive surgery.

Expanding the limits of reconstructive surgery - Alpha Moment


More skin and tissue needed
Reconstructive surgery helps everyone from burn victims to breast cancer survivors feel whole again, but it is a delicate and complicated process. One of its biggest challenges in making this kind of surgery successful is the need for more tissue and skin to replace that which has been lost.


Creating a tissue expander
Consultant surgeon Marc Swan and former Oxford University professor Jan Czernuszka developed a self-inflating tissue expander that is inserted under the patient’s skin, and, as it expands, makes the skin grow to accommodate the expander’s increased volume. This provides needed extra skin and tissue for the surgeon to use in order to do a better reconstructive surgery.


Addressing an unmet need
Given that this product addresses an unmet medical need, and can be used to help both humans and animals, it’s human health impact and business potential are significant. Swan and Czernuszka, winners of the 2016 ICIS Alpha Innovator of the Year Award for New Product Development/Process Optimization, have founded a company together called Oxtex and are now in the process of commercializing their innovation.

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