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What's Alpha?

For us, ‘Alpha’ is that moment when a chemist, researcher or engineer achieves an important milestone in chemical product and process innovation; it happens in an instant, but one doesn’t get there without unrelenting perseverance, knowledge and skill.

Watch the video to learn about how Sudip Majumdar, Chief Technology Officer with Compact Membrane Systems, achieved his Alpha Moment, gaining recognition as the first ever Alpha Innovator of the Year: Environment and Sustainability at the ICIS Innovation Awards.

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2017 Alpha Innovator of the Year finalists to be announced in August

Elsevier’s R&D Solutions is partnering with International Chemical Information Service (ICIS) again this year to sponsor the 14th annual ICIS Innovation Awards. The Alpha Innovator of the Year award, now in its second year, will recognize one individual in each of the following categories:

  • Alpha Innovator of the Year – New Product Development/Process Optimization
  • Alpha Innovator of the Year – Environment and Sustainability

A short list of successful entries in each category will be published in ICIS Chemical Business in August. Winners will be notified in September, and the announcement of the winners will be made in ICIS Chemical Business in October. Award presentations will be made in early December at a special lunch in a leading London venue.

New this year, winners will also receive a free trial of Reaxys, Elsevier’s highly intuitive interface and robust database to help chemists retrieve chemistry literature and data in half the time.

Discover the stories of the first two Alpha Innovators of the Year

Innovator of the Year:
Product Innovation

Innovator of the Year: Environment and Sustainability

Dr. Marc Swan and Professor Jan Czernuszka of Oxtex developed a self-inflating tissue expander that helps surgeons to improve reconstructive surgery.

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Innovator of the Year:
Environment and Sustainability

Innovator of the Year: Environment and Sustainability

Sudip Majumdar of Compact Membrane Systems led the development of a new technology that provides cost and energy savings over the current method used for olefin/paraffin separation.
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Learn from the stories of companies and individual innovators who have created and commercialized notable product and process innovations.

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