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Data, analytics and technological capabilities to help you achieve commercial success, maintain safety and compliant manufacturing processes

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R&D Solutions

Data, analytics and technological capabilities to help you achieve commercial success, maintain safety and compliant manufacturing processes

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Design your product development process for commercial success, chemical safety, and sustainability

As the chemical industry confronts increasing regulatory pressures, the demand for highly-customized performance products featuring new materials only continues to expand. In order to ensure that safety and quality are not sacrificed, it is essential for companies in this industry to plan strategically for long-term success.

R&D Solutions for Chemical R&D

Elsevier R&D Solutions empowers chemists to choose the right chemistry target more quickly and de-risk the New Product Development process from regulatory pressure with access to essential chemistry research.

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R&D Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing Excellence

Elsevier R&D Solutions empowers manufacturing engineers to more quickly design, test and train staff to achieve a safe, compliant and efficient chemical production line with visibility into chemical engineering data.

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Discover the stories of Compact Membrane Systems

Elsevier’s R&D Solutions for Chemicals team visited CMS to find out how CMS relies on innovation to grow the company, and the value of scientific research in addressing industry challenges.

What our customers say

Preventing corrosion in an acetic acid tank - Chemicals & Materials | Elsevier R&D Solutions

Preventing corrosion in an acetic acid tank

A chemical company noticed a corrosion problem in some metal tanks where the tanks were exposed to vapor, but not liquid. The team leveraged the vast repository of chemical data on Knovel. See how they solved the problem — and prevented disaster.

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A fast, 'green' solution - R&D Solutions |Elsevier

A fast, green solution

An R&D team needed to produce a new monomer based on biological feedstock quickly and inexpensively. Using ScienceDirect first saved them $200 million and a year of research.

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Ideas and insights for industry professionals

Leading in green & sustainable chemistry

Leading in green & sustainable chemistry - Chemicals & Materials |Elsevier R&D Solutions

The chemicals industry is poised to be a leading force in green chemistry, but first companies must learn how to get all the value they can from their sustainability efforts.  Find out how to overcome challenges and promote a green revolution.
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Instituting safer chemical substitutions

Instituting safer chemical substitutions - Chemicals & Materials |Elsevier R&D Solutions

More R&D teams and manufacturing facilities today are replacing substances of very high concern (SVHC) with safer ones that deliver the same functionality to the final product. Find out how the industry can accomplish this more effectively.
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Elsevier's R&D Solutions for Chemicals


Quickly access a cross-disciplinary view of actionable, real-world data on substance properties, reactions and synthesis routes in order to assess every stage of a project and get from concept to market successfully with minimum financial risk.
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Tackle development and production challenges by gaining visibility on substance suitability for specific applications and best practice data relevant to piping, chemical engineering and processing, and EHS compliance.
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Validate opportunities for NPD growth and optimize research and experimental approaches by providing visibility and in-depth insights on the latest state-of-the-art chemistry developments and chemical applications.
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Detect trends, find partnerships and identify experts to stay on the cutting edge of research through the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including tools to track, analyze and visualize research.
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How we help

Elsevier's R&D Solutions provide research data and analytics technologies, helping chemical companies launch commercially successful new compounds and improve existing ones — all while efficiently managing costs, chemical safety and regulation. Reaxys, Knovel, ScienceDirect, and Scopus are all supported by the unique foundation of Elsevier's deep expertise in data, science and technology.