Submit abstract

Submit abstract

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 September 2020

Abstract submissions for posters are now invited on the following topics. They should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

  • Covid immunology
  • Vaccine platforms
  • Focus on the 2-3 frontrunner vaccines
  • Age based versus risk based vaccination
  • Enhancing vaccine immunogenicity – Adjuvants, modifiers and antigen packaging
  • Fungal, bacterial, AMR vaccines
  • Hot topics
  • Novel and emerging influenza vaccines
  • Research funding for vaccine research – What is the future?
  • Systems vaccinology and big data
  • Vaccines against emerging diseases A – Current progress (Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue)
  • Vaccines against emerging diseases B – Current progress (Ebola, Nipah, Coronavirus, Other)
  • Vaccines against neurological infections
  • Vaccines against non-communicable diseases (Cancer, Allergy, Other)
  • Vaccines against spirochetal diseases (Lyme, Syphilis, Leptospirosis, Other)
  • Vaccine durability (Measles, Mumps, Pertussis)
  • Vaccine hesitancy and population coverage rates
  • Veterinary vaccinology

Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt including an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all correspondence. Allow at least 2 hours for your receipt to be returned to you.

Once the abstracts is accepted, at least one of the authors must register for and present at the conference.

All authors who register for the conference may have their article considered for publication in the Elsevier journal Vaccine, by indicating this at abstract submission stage. Acceptance of a paper for conference presentation does not guarantee subsequent acceptance for journal publication.

Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the online abstract system which will be distributed to all registered conference participants.

For revisions or queries regarding papers already submitted

If you do not receive acknowledgement for your abstract submission or you wish to make any essential revisions to an abstract already submitted, please DO NOT RESUBMIT your abstract, as this may lead to duplication. Please contact the Conference Content Executive (Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances) with details of any revisions or queries. Please quote your reference number if you have one.