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Vaccine editorial team

Gregory A. Poland (Editor-in-Chief), Rochester, Minnesota, USA; Elena Kostova (Managing Editor), Amsterdam, Netherlands; Associate Editors: Danny Altmann, London, UK; Andrew Artenstein, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA; Lorne Babiuk, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Ray Borrow, Manchester, UK; Robert T. Chen, MD MA, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Anthony R. Fooks, Addlestone, Surrey, UK; Steven Jacobsen, Los Angeles, California, USA; Hiroshi Kiyono, Tokyo, Japan; Bruce Y. Lee, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Anton Middelberg, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Tim Mosmann, Rochester, New York, USA; Ann Oberg, Rochester, Minnesota, USA; Albert Osterhaus, Hannover, Germany; Richard Titball, Exeter, UK. Read more about our editors on the journal homepage.

Vaccine is the pre-eminent journal for those interested in vaccines and vaccination. It serves as an interface between academics, those in research and development, and workers in the field. Relevant topics range from basic vaccine research through to vaccine applications, safety and legislation. You can read more about Vaccine on the journal homepage.

Vaccine special issues

Vaccine publishes a number of Special Issues every year. Read more about the Special Issues on the journal special issues page.

Celebrating 30 years of conjugate vaccines

Vaccine article selection to honor 30 years of conjugate vaccines

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the licensure of the first conjugate vaccine for use in humans we have curated 30 excellent articles on conjugate vaccines published in Vaccine.

To make this outstanding selection complete, we have also included some of the best manuscripts by Prof. Schneerson and Prof. Robbins published in Vaccine. Finally, we are honored to announce that both Prof. Schneerson and Prof. Robbins will give a key note speech at the 11th Vaccine Congress.

Young investigator program (YIP)

Vaccine and the Edward Jenner Vaccine Society (EJVC) teamed up in 2014 to launch the YIP, helping to develop the careers of the next generation of vaccinologists. This annual program is designed to guide high promise early career researchers through the first few years of their careers in the field of vaccinology.

Read this free Article Selection published by members of Vaccine's Young Investigator Program (YIP). These articles were published by young scientists and clinical researchers who collectively compose the next generation of vaccinologists.

Joint vaccine education resource center

This educational website is co-hosted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Vaccine and provides the latest information in the field of immunization. Here you will find an extensive selection of peer-reviewed articles selected from the literature, as well as links to valuable resources for scientists, clinicians, and their patients, all focused on the most commonly used vaccinations. Read more.