5th Nanotoday conference



BioNavis manufactures scientific instruments for layer characterization and surface interactions in the fields of new materials, nanoparticles, biointerfaces, functional coatings as well as thin film manufacturing.

  • True layer characterization: Quantify both key parameters - thickness and refractive index - simultaneously
  • Characterize nanolayers of metals, ceramics, polymers, organic materials, biomembranes and even nanocellulose or graphene
  • Measure and quantify kinetics of interaction of biomolecules with coatings or biomembranes
  • Measure and quantify materials from the single layer up to micron-thick multilayers
  • Optimize nanoparticles and their adsorption kinetics
  • Optimize thin film deposition techniques - MP-SPR can measure thickness from 3.7Å and works also with nanolaminates
  • Compare barrier properties of coatings
  • Combine MP-SPR in situ with electrochemistry and fluorescence
  • Understand better what happens at the surface

Website: www.bionavis.com