6th Nano Today Conference

6th Nano Today Conference

16-20 June 2019 | Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

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Organised by the Nano Today journal, the NanoBio Lab and Elsevier, the 6th Nano Today Conference (Nano Today 2019) seeks to bring together researchers interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

We are pleased to announce that Professor Yi Cui (Stanford University, USA) is the winner of the 2019 Nano Today Award for his seminal contributions on nanomaterials design for energy and environment. The award will be presented to Professor Yi Cui during the 6th Nano Today Conference in Lisbon, where he will also give a plenary lecture.

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Chaired by Nano Today Editor-in-Chief and A*STAR Senior Fellow, Professor Jackie Y. Ying, this international conference will present the latest research at the multidisciplinary frontier of nanostructured materials and devices.


  • Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Nanocrystals, Nanoparticles and Thin Films
  • Functionalization and Size-Dependent Properties of Nanocrystals, Quantum Dots and Nanowires
  • Processing and Templating of Nanotubes and Nanoporous Materials
  • Tailoring of Polymeric Nanoparticles, Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites and Biohybrids
  • Nanosystems for Biological and Medical Applications
  • Nanosystems for Sensing, Diagnostic, Imaging, Magnetic, Electronic and Structural Applications
  • Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications
  • Nanomaterials for Chemical and Catalytic Applications

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