International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology


After every conference, Elsevier sends out a questionnaire to the attendees. Below are some comments made by delegates of the previous conferences.

“Highly relevant focussed topics and delegates”
“Quality of the content”
“Good speakers and presentations, ideal to network”
“The conference has a clear focus on ionic liquids”
“ Good mixture of academical and industrial contributions”
“good organisation, relevant scientific topics”
“great relevancy for who works in this field”
“IL is a very specific subject all of the attendees were interested in the most part of the presentations, and it has been very well organized”
“The conference addressed issues very interesting; it was well organized and had important speakers in this area of research”
“There were very important people in the field of ionic liquids”
“A broad variety of applications for ILs was discussed and presented.”
“All the people who work in the field of ionic liquids applied in separation processes are there.”
“The topics have selected carefully, the conference was important because it achieved to gather people who study a specific topic in different applications and with points of view.”
“Unique event addressing separation processes as related to ionic liquids.”
“I liked the way the ILSEPT 2011 was organized, in a very professional way.”