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Poster abstracts are invited on the following conference themes and should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

The major features required to develop a commercially successful bio-sensing technology are represented in the five themes of the conference. The scope and area of the invited talks in each theme is given below:

1. Biomarkers for novel biosensing applications
This broad theme seeks to showcase research that applies bio-sensing technology to detect and measure novel biomarkers or is applied in novel applications.  For example new disease markers being used as a target for applications such as rapid diagnostics.  Also included is the application of biosensing technologies for the measurement of biomarkers novel samples matrices. The focus of the theme being the novelty of the biomarker or application rather than the detection technology.

2. The biosensor surface
All biosensors relying on detecting a biological interaction on a surface.  In this theme there will be an opportunity to showcase research that focuses on the sensor surface, in particular understanding the immobilisation, stabilisation and interactions of biological molecules; this theme also includes research into bio-reactive surfaces such as nano-patterned surfaces, nano materials, whole cells, novel proteins and nucleic acids. For example, biological molecules integrated with silicon components at the micron and nano-scales.

3. Novel detection technologies
The emphasis in this theme will be on showcasing research focusing on new and emerging detection technologies used to develop novel biosensors and biosensing applications. This could involve a wide range of transduction technologies including optical, electrochemical, piezoelectric or magnetic measurements; novel sensors for bio-imaging. Micro and nano fabrication technologies used to develop and manufacture bio-sensors. The focus of this theme is on the signal generation rather than the biomarker or application.

4. Bio-sensing technology for the internet of things
This theme will explore challenges associated with integrating technologies to give a fully functional systems that can be integrated with internet applications.  This will give researchers will be able to showcase how they can integrate technologies to provide solutions in the wider world.  For example, the application of bio-sensing technology integrated with smart phones to assess health and wellbeing.  Other bio-sensing systems may be distributed around cities to monitor air quality and feed into disease prediction algorithms. Also included in this theme is research in the areas of new instrumentation, signal and image processing, data analysis and communications.

5. Impact of bio-sensing technology
This theme will focus on showcasing research that has developed into a commercial bio-sensing system or is close to being. Also covered within this theme will be evaluations and trials of novel biosensing systems in terms of the impact the technology has on society and markets trends.

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