Sciospec Scientific Instruments

Sciospec Scientific Instruments

Sciospec Scientific Instruments specializes in solutions for electrical impedance spectroscopy and other electrochemical/-analytical techniques. Additionally a growing range of optical and laser based methods is supported. Primary applications are bio-analytics, biosensors, material science and process control.

Apart from our standard laboratory products, the highly modular platform enables cost efficient, yet highly precise application specific solutions for research and industrial use. Impedance spectroscopy, massive multichannel data acquisition, potentio-/galvanostats, QCM, temperature control, optical and laser based methods are all available as OEM or integrated into lab instruments.

From small scale biochip solutions over multichannel biochip-readers up to massive-multichannel solutions for fully automated industrial process control or high content screening for pharmacological testing - scalability is embedded at the heart of Sciospec`s technological platform. Flexible and open interfaces both for hard and software greatly simplify the development of application specific add-on modules by us or our customers themselves.

Sciospec stands for impedance spectroscopy at its best. We are constantly thriving to enhance our technology and engage in numerous research activities. Focuses thereby are biosensors and bio-analytical/medical applications. Beyond that we also pair up with expert partners in microfluidics, material characterization and micro mechanical techniques (QCM/SAW) and chip/sensor design. We actively support the scientific community and are member of the International Society for Electrical Bioimpedance and numerous expert committees for impedance based technology.

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