BioNavis Ltd

BioNavis Ltd

Already for 11 years, BioNavis Ltdhas been developing and manufacturing MP-SPR Navi™ scientific instruments in Finland. Our instruments are an excellent tool for development of biomolecular assays as well as point-of-care biosensors including electrochemical sensors, surface enhance Raman sensors (SERS), ELISA, fluorescence or newly also printed diagnostics.

Beyond traditional SPR - label-free real-time kinetics and affinity, but also conformation changes, electrochemistry, optical constants using LayerSolver and measurements at multiple wavelengths from 3.7 Ångströms up to 15 microns.

Avoid costly assay transfer - develop your sensor directly on your sensing material: metals for electrochemical (EC) and SPR detection, plastics for ELISA, cellulose for printed biosensors, metal nanoparticles for SERS, glass for classical chemistry, magnetic nanoparticles, bacteria, living cells and more.

No mess - MP-SPR instruments do not require refractive index oil and thanks to a fast locking holder for sensors, there is no need for two-sided tape either. Sensors can be functionalized in-situ or ex-situ with a number of methods including spin-coating, dip coating, spray coating, Langmuir Blodgett, ALD, sputtering, CVD, etc.

Any assay type - MP-SPR shows you every step of your assay, whether it is direct binding, competitive assays, it uses antibodies, fragments, DNA, molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), aptamers, nanoparticles, living cells or microvesicles.

Any sample - MP-SPR works with gas, vapour or liquid samples. Thanks to PureKinetics™, even crude samples can be run directly, including sea water, saliva and 100% serum.

In-situ validation is possible with electrochemistry and fluorescence. Ex-situ validation is possible with microscopy including AFM and SEM.

Microfluidic material testing - MP-SPR can be used to optimize microfluidic surfaces and coatings to provide wetting, yet antifouling surface.

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