Bio-Logic Science Instruments SAS

Bio logic

Bio-Logic Science Instruments SAS is a French designer and manufacturer of high performance laboratory research instruments and software. The headquarters are based in Seysinnet-pariset, France (close to Grenoble in the French Alps).

Bio-Logic SAS has designed instruments for a variety of domains and applications:

  • Potentiostats/Galvanostats for Electrochemistry
  • Rapid-Kinetics, Spectroscopy & Photosynthesis
  • Battery & energy devices testing
  • Materials testing
  • Electrochemical Scanning systems
  • Electrophysiology

Bio-Logic is a rapidly growing global company with affiliate offices in USA (Bio-Logic USA) and India (Bio-Logic India), and has a large and growing network of worldwide distributors (with representatives in most large and developing countries).


Developing high performance products with unmatched value….. ..…and providing a high level support to our customers.

Historically, the first of our potentiostats was designed to study intercalated compounds with long experiment times due to slow diffusion coefficients. Then the interest for multichannel potentiostats increased with battery testing, corrosion study, photovoltaic, material testing, fuel cell & biosensors development. So, new versatile electrochemical workstations have been developed to address all these applications.