After every conference, Elsevier sends out a questionnaire to the attendees. Below are some comments made by delegates of the previous conferences.

“High quality of the oral presentations”
“Fantastic opportunities/research across the board.”
“Very interesting themes were presented/discussed. Conference makes the bridge between academy and industry.”
“Had a really well put together program. I also appreciated the single-session nature of the conference.”
“Good range of high quality presenters”
“Large and relevant audience”
“Quality of research”
“Cutting-edge techniques presented”
“A good mixture of topics”
“Good atmosphere/spirit”
“High scientific level on biosensing and nanotechnology-related topics”
“It is a great opportunity to keep ourselves up to date with market trends and new developments.”
“It's a great opportunity to extend networking”
“Quality of the presentations”
“Relevance to our research area.”
“Top-quality contents but not overcrowded, so it's easier to meet everybody.”
“Get all technical experts of this field together.”
“Very relevant for my subject, very well organize, good length of the conference.”
“Most relevant congress in this research field”
“Great organization (both "administration" and lectures)”
“It was a very good meeting. It was well attended but not too big that it was difficult to meet people. Most of the oral presentations were of high quality, interesting and relevant. Many young scientists were there presenting their work.”
“It was a very useful conference: - well organized - not too large - many of my colleagues were there”
“Good quality of lectures”
“The relevance of the presentations and posters in our field. Good value for money. Good blend of research groups (more fundamental work) with applied or commercial science (development)”
“There are a lot information we can get during the conference including building a network with other researches”
“Very interesting conference which contain several scientific topics and new research”
“Well organised with a clear agenda and good representatives”
“Very interesting for my field”
“Good knowledge exchange and interesting poster session”
“Very wide audience very new results”
“Nice organization and valuable subjects”
“There are a lot of interesting sessions and posters and you meet many people”
“Well composed program and space for discussions”
“People could meet and speak together many times during lunch, poster session, etc....”