3rd International Brain Stimulation Conference

Plenary Speaker

Anthony T Barker, PhD, FIET, FIPEM, University of Sheffield Medical School, UK

Tony recently retired from the U.K. National Health Service after 38 years in the Sheffield Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering.  An engineer by training, he has specialised in a number research areas during his NHS career, including the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body (both detrimental and therapeutic), electrical stimulation of nerves, Functional Electrical Stimulation and medical device development. Tony led the group which invented the technique of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, now widely used throughout the world for basic research, diagnosis and therapy, and also the group which developed the first self-optimising, array based FES stimulator for foot drop. He has led numerous professional committees and, for 25 years, chaired the Biological Effects of Low-Level Electromagnetic Fields Policy Advisory Group of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Tony has an active interest in the public understanding of science and has given many named and public lectures including the Faraday lecture series, the Silvanus P Thomson series and a Royal Institution Discourse.