3rd International Brain Stimulation Conference

2019 International Brain Stimulation Award


The International Brain Stimulation Award was first given in 2017 at the Barcelona meeting. Professor Anthony T. Barker received this prestigious award for his pioneering work in developing transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

The International Brain Stimulation Award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the field of brain stimulation.  These contributions can be in basic, translational, and/or clinical aspects of neuromodulation, and have had a profound influence in shaping the field. Any one in our field can nominate a candidate for this award.  The nominees will be considered by the Senior Editors and Deputy Editors of Brian Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation. None of the current senior or deputy editors can themselves be considered for this award. The awardee must agree to deliver a plenary lecture at the Vancouver meeting. There is a cash prize and a memorial sculpture attached to this award.

We invite the entire brain stimulation community to suggest candidates for this award. Please e-mail the award committee with your thoughts Content-BRST2019@elsevier.com using the subject line ‘2019 International Brain Stimulation Award’. You can simply suggest a name, without any commentary or justification, or you can provide a justification.  Regardless, these nominations will be collated, counted, and shared with the award committee.  Your input is greatly appreciated and will likely influence the award selection.

Please mention in your email that your nomination is for the 2019 International Brain Stimulation Award.