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Expert Lookup helps you identify scientific experts in minutes.

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About Expert Lookup

Expert Lookup is an online tool that helps you to identify scientific experts in just three easy steps. Find the researchers who meet your funding priorities and locate the right reviewers for papers and grant applications based on text mining of abstracts. You can also use Expert Lookup to identify potential  conflicts of interest around co-authorship and funding streams. Expert Lookup can also expand your understanding of who is active in a research field.

Expert Lookup uses Elsevier’s powerful Fingerprinting algorithms, Scopus's citation database of over 57 million records and 10 discipline-specific thesauri to ensure the recommended experts are relevant and definitely considered leaders in their fields.

Case study: The Search for the Right Reviewers Results in Increased Productivity- The Research Council of Norway.

Learn how Expert Lookup has saved the Research Council of Norway time and has given them access to a global pool of reviewers.

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  • Text mining that leads to precise matches between incoming proposals and potential reviewers
  • Searching by subject area to discover experts for special journal issues as both authors and reviewers.
  • Identification of experts from approximately 15 million author profiles across disciplines based on Elsevier's Scopus® database
  • Ability to build a bank of qualified reviewers
  • Choice of thesauri so you can search using discipline specific semantics including: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine & Life Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Geoscience, Social Science, Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics
  • Import your own list of experts and check if they are qualified to evaluate your grants

See the full list of Expert Lookup features here.

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