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Supporting clinical decision making

Turn information into actionable knowledge to help healthcare professionals put evidence into practice.

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How can Clinical Decision Support solutions help you?

Unlock the power of AI in clinical decision making

  • ClinicalKey AI combines trusted, evidence-based clinical content with conversational search powered by generative AI to support clinicians in delivering high-quality patient care 

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Enhance clinical practice through informed, confident decisions

  • ClinicalKey enables clinicians to stay abreast of rapidly expanding clinical knowledge 

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Help clinicians enable the right targeted therapies for their patients

  • ClinicalPath provides evidence-based oncology pathways embedded in the clinical workflow, helping teams make consistent, well-informed decisions for high-quality care

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Enhance nursing and interprofessional practice with evidence in the workflow

  • Elsevier Order Sets enables organizations to author, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment

  • Combine the patient story, evidence-based care plan guides and standardized assessments into one longitudinal plan of care with Elsevier Care Planning

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Give radiologists and pathologists comprehensive decision support they can rely on

  • STATdx helps radiologists make informed and efficient decisions with direct access to trusted information

  • ExpertPath gives pathologists tools to make confident diagnoses

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Clinical Decision Support solutions


Comprehensive anatomic and clinical pathology decision support

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Learn more about how our Clinical Decision Support solutions can help you improve health outcomes

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