Form letter A3: To author

Form letter A3: To author regarding an article retraction

Form letters are examples of appropriate letters for various situations. Please find below the text of Form letter A3: To author regarding an article retraction. You can copy this text and adjust it to your needs. 

This form letter is used in the following decision trees:

1. Authorship complaints
2. Plagiarism complaints
3. Multiple, duplicate, concurrent publication/Simultaneous submission
4. Research results misappropriation
5. Allegations of research errors and fraud
6. Research standards violations
7. Undisclosed conflicts of interest
8. Reviewer bias or competitive harmful acts by reviewers

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Form letter A3: To author regarding an article retraction


[title of article, date of publication]

Dear [author],

Please allow me to introduce myself as [publisher name], the Elsevier Publisher responsible for [journal name].

The Editor in Chief of [journal name] has reviewed the concerns raised regarding the above article and the author's response and taken the decision to retract the article.

You should be aware that retraction means your paper will remain online at ScienceDirect with a retraction watermark and a linked retraction notice. Please find below, for your reference, a copy of the retraction notice to be used, subject to final approval by Elsevier's retraction committee:


This article has been retracted: please see Elsevier Policy on Article Withdrawal (

<insert retraction text in full >


Reasonable requests for amendments to these texts may be considered but any changes will be made only with the approval of the Editor and the retraction committee.

Yours sincerely,