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Publication data informs your researchers’ funding and promotion applications, and is used by those assessing your researchers and institution, so it’s critical that author profile data is up to date and accurate. With Scopus author profiles, your researchers can tell a more accurate and complete story about their research compared to other solutions.

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Search for an author

With our free author lookup, researchers can search for any author in Scopus and view various indicators including number of citations, publication history and h-index.

Free author lookup, researchers can search for any author in Scopus

Review and update an author profile

Despite the sophistication of the algorithmic profiling used by Scopus, algorithms cannot always match all documents to a single profile with 100% accuracy. That is why our free Scopus Author Feedback Wizard allows your researchers to review their Scopus profiles and submit feedback, including the ability to:

  • Set a preferred name
  • Merge profiles
  • Add and remove documents
  • Update affiliation

These metrics may be used for tenure, funding and for other research performance based decisions; therefore, it is important to ensure your researchers’ profiles reflects their information correctly.

Before Scopus, I was unable to find relevant works related to my search and it was not easy to see an author’s profile.

—Graduate Student, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

How profiles are built

Scopus data follows the model that articles are written by researchers who are affiliated with institutions. Powerful algorithmic data processing matches articles to existing profiles with a high degree of accuracy based on name, email, affiliation, subject area, citations and co-authors. Profiles are created automatically when two or more articles are linked to one profile.

Scopus gets daily updates to its content from thousands of publishers which it uses to generate new author profiles and update existing author profiles.

Resources to help you enhance library instruction regarding author profiles

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Scopus author profiles instructional slides


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