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No matter what challenges you are facing in the world of research—from conducting research to making critical decisions in order to increase funding—your institution needs a reliable, high quality source of data to help accomplish its goals.

Scopus uniquely combines a comprehensive, curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly content. Quickly find relevant and trusted research, identify experts, and access reliable data, metrics and analytical tools to support confident decisions around research strategy – all from one database and one subscription.

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How Scopus helps your institution

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Conducting research

Scopus balances content quantity and quality so you can quickly find what you need. Search a publisher neutral database of scholarly information, across various content types and subject areas, dating as far back as 1788.

  • Be confident that your search results are comprehensive and relevant. Begin your search with a complete, multidisciplinary view of peer-reviewed research literature covering all domains of knowledge across 5000+ global publishers, then filter your results down to the documents you need for your research.
  • Researchers need curated, high-quality content. Only the most reliable articles and content are available in Scopus. The content is selected by the independent CSAB, an international group of subject matter experts across all fields of research. There are also rigorous re-evaluation mechanisms to exclude predatory journals.
  • Different content types work in harmony on Scopus
    to deliver the best source of knowledge. Search seamlessly across journals, conference proceedings and books.
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Research strategy

Understand your institution’s performance, support research strategy and increase your chances for funding success.

  • Rely on the same data source trusted by multiple university rankings systems, funding agencies and national assessment bodies for its completeness, high quality content, and sophisticated and structured data model.

    Elsevier continues to curate the Scopus dataset that we use for bibliometric measures. This has resulted in better matching of institutions to their research and in an enhanced list of suspended titles – ones that we no longer include in our calculations.

    Times Higher Education

  • View your curated Scopus affiliation profile to gain a clear understanding of your institution's performance to inform strategic planning and report on your achievements and impact.
  • Scopus author and institution profile accuracy is consistent across all segments of the corpus, such as disciplines and geographies. This allows academic and government institutions worldwide to rely on Scopus profile data for their research management and decision support systems.
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Impact and engagement

Use Scopus data and metrics to demonstrate the impact of researcher output, institutional output, and of the engagement of the research community with publications.

  • View and extract all metadata and traditional and alternative metrics to use in other systems including grant applications, research management and reward systems or institutional repositories.
  • Showcase researchers’ output, impact and collaborations for use for promotion and tenure dossiers or personal CVs.
  • Understand how the research community is interacting with and consuming individual pieces of research output with Plum X article level metrics.
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Expertise and collaboration

Identify strategic connections. Scopus connects data between people, output, funding and organizations so you can better identify subject matter experts; find potential academic, corporate and cross-sector partners; and conduct analyses of your own teams’ achievements.

  • Gain insight into who is currently collaborating with institutional investigators.
  • Identify and track rising stars across institutions and disciplines.
  • Expand your list of worldwide subject matter experts for collaborators or to serve as reviewers, advisors, mentors or co-authors.

Research funding

Increase your funding success. Support funding analyses and enrich grant applications with current and accurate metrics.

  • Enhance competitiveness by enriching grant applications with current and accurate metrics and data.
  • Initiate your funding analyses by examining which agencies are funding similar research based on the funding acknowledgments identified from a relevant set of papers.
  • Provide an integrated view of the funding information acknowledged in articles.

If you would like to learn more about how Scopus can support your institution’s research and education, please fill out the form to speak with one of our experts.