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Getting funding is a difficult challenge that often requires a significant amount of supporting research.

Scopus can be an excellent ally in the process, providing superior global content coverage that gives you access to the critical, high quality research that is crucial to securing funding.

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Scopus’ remarkable collection of content includes an incredible 1.4 billion cited references dating back to 1970. Scopus also makes displaying your work completely hassle-free by automatically populating your own author profile, so that your scientific research and accomplishments can easily be reported when it’s time to show funding.

As you search for relevant scientific data and literature to help you win the funding you need, Scopus is there to support your efforts.

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Developing a superior technology ahead of the competition

Developing a superior technology - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

Improving product development processes in order to get to market first with a superior solution is vital to chemical R&D success. Discover how Ian Flamini*, a Senior Technologist and R&D Manager at a major industrial gas company, saved an entire year of research in developing a new industrial production technology by using Scopus.

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Helping an engineering company realize its potential

Research engineers from a world-leading supplier of functional materials describe how they use Scopus to save time and gain competitive advantage in developing advanced functional materials.

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Helping an engineering company realize its potential | Elsevier solutions