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Collaboration is the mother of innovation in today’s world, and Scopus makes it simple to find new partners.

Using a relational data model that systematically compiles author profiles and connects them to their institutions, and to papers that they have written, Scopus allows you to see who is researching what in global literature, and at which institution, with a higher accuracy than anywhere else.

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Boasting the largest pool of author profiles available (12 million and counting), Scopus easily outmatches the competition. Scopus also provides analytical tools that allow you to see the most impactful authors in the fields that interest you, so you can effortlessly search for potential mentors or collaborators.

"The use of Scopus has boosted my research activities because I easily find information and authors in my research area. I am also informed in real time about work being done in my research areas." Faculty, Educational Institution, Cameroon

Scopus customer stories

Improving pre-clinical studies success rates by leveraging external expertise

Improving pre-clinical studies success rates - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

A pharmaceutical R&D executive in charge of a therapeutics strategic unit for a midmarket pharmaceutical company confides how Scopus helps her company move compounds through to the pre-clinical phase with more success and in a shorter period of time than the competition by providing easy access to necessary research and key experts – all in one solution.

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Speed in food packaging R&D

The key information researcher describes how she uses Scopus to deliver reports that catalyze innovation and competitive development.

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Speed in food packaging R&D - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions