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Chosen by leading academic, business, and government institutions since 2004, Scopus brings together the superior quality and coverage of Scopus data, as well as advanced analytics and technology in one solution. Scopus helps:

  • Combat predatory publishing and protect the integrity of the scholarly record
  • Make the research workflow more efficient and effective
  • Empower institutions to bolster performance, rank, and reputation
  • Enable funders to optimize their investments

Emerging trends - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Identify emerging trends

What are the latest research areas? Who are the leading experts? Are you uncovering the full breadth of cutting edge research? Scopus has the comprehensive scientific data and literature, and analytical tools to keep you up to date and ahead of the competition.

Keep an eye on emerging trends

Visibility - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Enhance visibility

The ability to find scientific research is just as important as its quality. Scopus fosters the easy discovery of research and enables researchers to claim their work, ensuring proper accreditation and supporting career development.

Make your research more visible

Collaboration - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Foster collaboration

Discovery rarely happens in isolation; but through reviewing, analyzing and sharing multidisciplinary research and insights, innovation is fostered. Scopus supports collaboration by highlighting the work of key contributors and external experts based on your searches, so you can connect with others to advance your science.

Discover new collaborators

Funding - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Support funding

The world of grants is extremely competitive, and incorporating sufficient supporting evidence into your application can make the difference between receiving funding or not. With its broad scientific research coverage, Scopus enables researchers to submit comprehensive applications, improving the odds of obtaining critical funding.

Enrich your funding strategies

Organization - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Empower your organization

Those in charge of managing their organization’s research face significant challenges, including staying on top of a massively growing body of research, training individuals on multiple platforms and proving the value of solutions under ever-tightening research budgets. Scopus empowers organizations with unparalleled access to critical global research and easy integration with existing platforms to increase efficiency.

Measure your impact

One database, one budget-friendly subscription

Scopus uniquely combines a comprehensive, curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly content. Quickly find relevant and trusted research, identify experts, and access reliable data, metrics and analytical tools to support confident decisions around research strategy – all from one database and one subscription.

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