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Chosen by leading academic, business, and government institutions since 2004, Scopus brings together the superior quality and coverage of Scopus data, as well as advanced analytics and technology in one solution. Scopus helps:

  • Combat predatory publishing and protect the integrity of the scholarly record
  • Make the research workflow more efficient and effective
  • Empower institutions to bolster performance, rank, and reputation
  • Enable funders to optimize their investments

What are the latest research areas? Who are the leading experts? Are you uncovering the full breadth of cutting edge research? Scopus has the comprehensive scientific data and literature, and analytical tools to keep you up to date and ahead of the competition.

Emerging trends - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

New discoveries drive scientific research forward. And if the latest research goes unseen, opportunities to rely and improve upon that research are missed. Further, knowing the latest trends can influence and drive decision-making.

Keep an eye on important and emerging trends

In order to stay on top of those trends you need access to a database with broad, high-quality research coverage and the ability to notify you as soon as that research is available. And no other database provides the mixture of coverage and convenience than Scopus.

Scopus breadth of coverage is unmatched | Elsevier

Scopus delivers more global content (50%-230% more depending on region) than the nearest competitor

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Scopus’s superior coverage of emerging markets gives you access to critical, high-quality research being conducted and published in developing countries (e.g., water purification, malaria, urban air pollution) that you may miss when you search with other databases.

Scopus provides a more comprehensive and wider range of scholarly information, enabling me to get a broader insight into the area I am researching. Graduate student, University of Hertfordshire

High-quality data

High-quality data - How Scopus work | Elsevier solutions

Scopus’s user-friendly analytical tools and APIs enable you to further visualize and analyze emerging trends via your preferred websites and applications.

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Content is updated daily—compared to competitors who only update weekly—and you can set alerts to see exactly when new developments in your field of interest are published.

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Scopus provides cutting-edge research articles and other academic resources that help researchers to [stay] abreast [of] recent happenings in their fields of studies. Mohammed Ishaq Mohammed, Graduate Student, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

Enhance visibility - Making it easy to manage your reputation

The ability to find scientific research is just as important as its quality. Scopus fosters the easy discovery of research and enables researchers to claim their work, ensuring proper accreditation and supporting career development.

Visibility - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

For any researcher, it’s crucial to know that your research is easily discovered, and that you are able to accurately capture references and citations to measure influence. Scopus supports both.

The ability to track and analyze citations and/or publications accurately and claim authorship allows Scopus users to take control of their future and own their reputations. Together, no other platform delivers the same level of visibility and discoverability.

Visibility - Scopus | Elsevier solutions

65% of surveyed Scopus users cite Tracking citations and/or publications (my own or another author) as the primary reason for which they use Scopus.

Source: TechValidate

Make your research more visible to a wider network

When authors validate their author profiles they gain new insights into the impact of their research. They also build a reliable body of work to support career goals.

Unlike other databases, once your profile is validated, Scopus takes over, automatically populating your profile, saving you time and building your credentials. Scopus is the only database to blend automated and manually-curated data to generate author profiles. This allows us to deliver over 17M profiles that let you search for authors the same way you can search for articles, efficiently and easily.

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Follow our easy-to-use, three-step Author Profile Wizard and update and verify your profile to ensure that your scientific research and accomplishments are being displayed accurately. Discover the true impact of your research.

  • Validate my author profile
  • Scopus allows you to showcase your research and accomplishments in the following ways:

    • Directly on Scopus, via your Author profile
    • Connect with ORCID
    • Export your documents Mendeley
    • On your personal webpage with a Scopus API

    What do our customers say?

    Current Scopus customers report our APIs are superior to competitors.

    Illustration of Refereed Journal Articles | Elsevier

    Example of the Scopus API applied.

    Scopus gives me a better indication of citations for my documents and for those of my colleagues Faculty Member, University of Western Australia

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    Foster collaboration -  Millions of potential collaborators at your fingertips

    Discovery rarely happens in isolation; but through reviewing, analyzing and sharing multidisciplinary research and insights, innovation is fostered. Scopus supports collaboration by highlighting the work of key contributors and external experts based on your searches, so you can connect with others to advance your science.

    Collaboration - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

    Collaboration is the mother of innovation in today’s world, and Scopus makes it simple to find new partners.

    Using a relational data model that systematically compiles author profiles and connects them to their institutions, and to papers that they have written, Scopus allows you to see who is researching what in global literature, and at which institution, with a higher accuracy than anywhere else.

    Collaboration - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

    Discover new collaborators

    Boasting the largest pool of author profiles available (17 million and counting), Scopus easily outmatches the competition. Scopus also provides analytical tools that allow you to see the most impactful authors in the fields that interest you, so you can effortlessly search for potential mentors or collaborators.

    "The use of Scopus has boosted my research activities because I easily find information and authors in my research area. I am also informed in real time about work being done in my research areas." Faculty, Educational Institution, Cameroon

    Scopus customer stories

    Improving pre-clinical studies success rates by leveraging external expertise

    Improving pre-clinical studies success rates - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

    A pharmaceutical R&D executive in charge of a therapeutics strategic unit for a midmarket pharmaceutical company confides how Scopus helps her company move compounds through to the pre-clinical phase with more success and in a shorter period of time than the competition by providing easy access to necessary research and key experts – all in one solution.

    Read the customer story

    Speed in food packaging R&D

    The key information researcher describes how she uses Scopus to deliver reports that catalyze innovation and competitive development.

    Read the solution story (PDF, 532.2 KB)

    Speed in food packaging R&D - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

    Support funding - Providing research support in the quest for funding

    The world of grants is extremely competitive, and incorporating sufficient supporting evidence into your application can make the difference between receiving funding or not. With its broad scientific research coverage, Scopus enables researchers to submit comprehensive applications, improving the odds of obtaining critical funding.

    Funding - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

    Getting funding is a difficult challenge that often requires a significant amount of supporting research.

    Scopus can be an excellent ally in the process, providing superior global content coverage that gives you access to the critical, high quality research that is crucial to securing funding.


    Analyze the research landscape, so you can enrich your funding strategies

    Scopus’ remarkable collection of content includes an incredible 1.4 billion cited references dating back to 1970. Scopus also makes displaying your work completely hassle-free by automatically populating your own author profile, so that your scientific research and accomplishments can easily be reported when it’s time to show funding.

    As you search for relevant scientific data and literature to help you win the funding you need, Scopus is there to support your efforts.

    86 percent icon - Funding - Scopus | Elsevier

    of surveyed Scopus users say that coverage of their field is broader and more accurate than that of the competition.

    Source: TechValidate survey

    86 percent icon - Funding - Scopus | Elsevier

    of Scopus users agree that it is easier to refine, sort and rank Scopus search results than the competition.

    Scopus customer stories

    Developing a superior technology ahead of the competition

    Developing a superior technology - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

    Improving product development processes in order to get to market first with a superior solution is vital to chemical R&D success. Discover how Ian Flamini*, a Senior Technologist and R&D Manager at a major industrial gas company, saved an entire year of research in developing a new industrial production technology by using Scopus.

    Read the customer story

    Helping an engineering company realize its potential

    Research engineers from a world-leading supplier of functional materials describe how they use Scopus to save time and gain competitive advantage in developing advanced functional materials.

    Read the solution story (PDF, 468.3 KB)

    Helping an engineering company realize its potential | Elsevier solutions

    Empowering you and your organization

    Those in charge of managing their organization’s research face significant challenges, including staying on top of a massively growing body of research, training individuals on multiple platforms and proving the value of solutions under ever-tightening research budgets. Scopus empowers organizations with unparalleled access to critical global research and easy integration with existing platforms to increase efficiency.

    Organization - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

    When your organization relies on you for research support, it’s important to know that you have the best tools and information available to provide that support. Offering vast content coverage that connects you to reliable, accurate research, Scopus gets you to the answers you need as fast as possible.

    Organization - Why choose Scopus | Elsevier solutions

    How do our users get the most value out of Scopus?

    75 percent icon - Organization - Scopus | Elsevier

    Search for documents and analyze search results.

    49 percent icon - Organization - Scopus | Elsevier

    Search for and view my or another author’s profile

    45 percent icon - Organization - Scopus | Elsevier

    Export documents and citacions, create bibliographies


    "The use of Scopus has boosted my research activities because I easily find information and authors in my research area. I am also informed in real time about work being done in my research areas." Faculty, Educational Institution, Cameroon

    Why Scopus for your organization

    Scopus can assist in measuring research performance at the individual or institutional level, helping inform strategic research decisions. And you can be assured that you are providing your organization with the highest quality data, as all titles on Scopus are selected by the independent Content Selection & Advisory Board.

    Widely trusted by major institutions across the globe, Scopus is the data source for Times Higher Education and QS rankings, and it is used by more than 84% of the top 100 universities.

    "Using Scopus allows me to save time and easily get to the article I am looking for." Giovanni Casciaro, Researcher, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

    One database, one budget-friendly subscription

    Scopus uniquely combines a comprehensive, curated abstract and citation database with enriched data and linked scholarly content. Quickly find relevant and trusted research, identify experts, and access reliable data, metrics and analytical tools to support confident decisions around research strategy – all from one database and one subscription.

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