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Scopus is a catalyst for global innovation. With access to our vast collection of abstracts and citations, R&D experts can search, visualize and confidently validate findings based on literature research.

Users from the high-tech and auto industries to pharmaceuticals and life sciences, chemicals, oil and gas, or consumer packaged goods trust Scopus to help them gain a competitive advantage based on time savings, improved productivity and advancements in development processes.

Supporting Pharma & Life Sciences

Learn how Scopus supports pharmaceutical R&D

We help companies to drive pharmaceutical development, decrease time to market for new products and enable researchers to reduce uncertainties throughout the development process, by providing a comprehensive overview of the world's research output combined with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

Learn how Scopus supports pharmaceutical R&D

"Thanks to an insight we found in Scopus identifying a subpopulation for which similar compounds were successful, we were able to design a successful clinical trial at a time when those similar compounds have failed by attempting to serve too broad a population." R&D Executive, large pharmaceutical company

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Improving Pre-Clinical Studies Success Rates by Leveraging External Expertise

Supporting Chemicals

Learn how Scopus supports chemicals R&D

We help chemical companies develop successfully new products that meet market needs, supporting chemists with the right research insights that increase speed and efficiency throughout the product development process.

Learn how Scopus supports chemical R&D

"A couple of hours of literature searching with Scopus saved us a year of research." Senior technologist and R&D manager, industrial gas company

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Developing a Superior Technology Ahead of the Competition

Oil and Gas

Learn how Scopus supports O&G R&D

Scopus helps oil and gas companies, operating in upstream and downstream, increase profit margins by making better investment decisions, identifying and/or developing new technologies, optimizing existing processes, and mitigating HSE risk, by providing a comprehensive overview of the world's research output combined with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

Learn how Scopus supports oil and gas R&D

"I searched on dynamic risk analysis and applied it to O&G installations for improvements in the design of plants. Scopus analyzed our vulnerabilities and reinforced barriers, reducing the risk, saving millions of dollars for my company." Engineering Lead, large O&G company

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Food-packaging companies’ R&D efforts span multi-disciplinary fields — industrial and manufacturing engineering, materials and food science. We help researchers reduce research time, effort and cost in the pursuit of economical and sustainable solutions.

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"Scopus’ information is extremely reliable and the way it’s presented leads us to information that our researchers might not have found otherwise." Information Researcher, Global packaged good company

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