Case study: Improving pre-clinical studies success rates by leveraging external expertise

An R&D executive shares how Scopus helps improve success rates and productivity

A pharmaceutical R&D executive in charge of a therapeutics strategic unit for a midmarket pharmaceutical company confides how Scopus helps her company move compounds through to the pre-clinical phase with more success and in a shorter period of time than the competition by providing easy access to necessary research and key experts – all in one solution.

Improving Pre-Clinical Studies Success Rates by Leveraging External Expertise - Scopus Customer Story | Elsevier Solutions


Calliope Saito is an R&D executive at a midmarket pharmaceutical company and is responsible both for ensuring compounds within therapeutic areas find a “home” and for evaluating the potential of those compounds in addressing patients’ needs by moving them through pre-clinical studies into clinical trials successfully. To be most productive through the pre-clinical phase, Saito’s team must continually identify experts, either to keep up with cutting-edge research or to collaborate with to design approaches that will ensure the molecules are most effective.


Elsevier’s Scopus database enables Saito and the team to follow the best minds in science, helping them determine who to reach out to. Building relationships with these experts can be essential in finding a home for a molecule or for getting up to speed in an unfamiliar research area. Access to the latest publications and research information through Scopus helps the team keep track of the competition and to make better-informed decisions in their work.

Calliope Saito quote - Scopus customer story | Elsevier Solutions

"For midsize companies to compete with larger companies that have greater resources, it’s all about agility and creating the most innovative approaches." Calliope Saito, Pharmaceutical R&D Executive


Because of Scopus, Saito’s team is enjoying incredible time savings. That is critical because, from a patent perspective, getting to market faster can greatly increase the company’s revenues. It has already provided key information that helped them design a successful trial for a compound. Overall, Saito recommends Scopus to her colleagues because it boosts productivity and improves the probability of success.

Calliope Saito quote - Scopus customer story | Elsevier Solutions

"Our compound’s trial was successful, and the FDA granted us a fast-track designation for it. That’s an excellent example of how researching the literature with Scopus really made a difference. Analysts have forecast that this compound will be a multimillion-dollar earner." Calliope Saito, Pharmaceutical R&D Executive

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