Case study: Gaining a competitive edge in Drug Discovery & Development

A medical affairs executive shares how access to Scopus can help his company gain an edge over competitors and make his team more efficient

By providing easy access to complete information about key experts, new research areas and the competitive landscape, Scopus helps a medical affairs executive and his team to shorten their timelines through the drug discovery and development process.

Gaining a competitive edge in Drug Discovery & Development - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions


Medical affairs executive Mark Collin works at a large pharmaceutical company where there is constant pressure to get drugs to market quickly. Being late, even if only by a few months, can dramatically shift the entire competitive landscape. Getting to approval first is critical, and early approvals can mean additional revenue for the company. In support of the company’s goals, Collin must build a network of external experts for potential preclinical and clinical collaborations and for assistance in new therapeutic areas, along with keeping competitive insights up-to-date.


To address the time pressures he faces and successfully tackle his responsibilities, Collin uses Scopus. It helps him follow the latest scientific trends in the literature and keep abreast of who is publishing on what topics. He can see who the most-cited authors are according to their work, experience and affiliations, and find out which clinical programs they are involved with and what competitors they are working with. This approach allows Collin’s team to engage with the most relevant experts. He can also use Scopus to get his team up to speed quickly when moving into a new therapeutic area by building relationships with experts in that area. Additionally, the team uses Scopus to run regular searches on competitors’ clinical programs to see where they stand.

Mark Collin quote for shortened timelines - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

"Anything that can shorten our timelines and reduce drug failure rates gives us a competitive advantage." Mark Collin, Medical Affairs Executive


Scopus helps Collin and his team to do their work more confidently and efficiently, and minimizes the chance that they will miss something critical. Collin appreciates that Scopus lets him access information quickly and provides high-quality hits that ensure completeness. Being able to get what is needed out of the literature in a timely manner is important because it provides plenty of time to brainstorm and assess before making decisions. And support for building a better expert network faster than the competition helps the company keep ahead of their rivals. The ability to easily collect this valuable knowledge drives productivity in the company and equips it to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Mark Collin quote from point A to point B - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

"Scopus helps us get from point A to point B in the most efficient and quickest way. We are also confident from our experience that we’re not missing anything." Mark Collin, Medical Affairs Executive

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