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Today’s leading R&D organizations and key global funding bodies must stay ahead of scientific developments, drive new product development, assess research quality, liaise with key experts and maintain a competitive advantage.

Scopus’ rich abstract and citation database provides the reliable and comprehensive interdisciplinary research literature to meet those needs and fast-track scientific development.

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“The Internet of Things will transform companies and countries, opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness.”

Scopus uncovers historic research trends and insights for cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things. Learn how Scopus can help you find better R&D opportunities in this exciting area.

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Digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is on the cusp of rapid technological advances that are likely to disrupt the Equipment Manufacturing value chain. It is important to incorporate manufacturing trends into next-generation products. See how you can discover emerging research and identify experts to improve the equipment manufacturing lifecycle.

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Digital manufacturing


The complexities of issues in Aerospace and Defense are ever evolving and can be difficult to capture and act upon. Uncovering research trends in cybersecurity can help you stay ahead of the competition and keep a pulse on key opinion leaders. Hone in on the research landscape to help plan for threats and risks to your industry.

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Green & digital construction

Innovation in the design, planning and execution stages of construction are on the rise. Overcoming challenges in the engineering & construction industry requires insight into as many infrastructure breakthroughs as possible. See how you can identify impactful developments and identify the right professionals to plan and navigate your intricate development projects.

Learn about trends in green & digital construction

Green & digital construction

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A senior technologist and R&D manager at a major industrial gas company saved an entire year of research by tapping Scopus. In this case study, he describes how his product development process was fast-tracked.

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Surfaces & coatings
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Renewable energy
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