Research & Development

For corporate users, Scopus can help you stay abreast of scientific developments, track key research, identify key opinion leaders and stay ahead of your competition. Using Scopus, businesses can drive discovery and innovation forward and gain insights to make smart business decisions.

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Research Managers

  • Accelerate the discovery process by improving research productivity and effectiveness – improving time-to-market
  • Facilitate knowledge-based decision-making and the validation process – limiting dead-ends and failures
  • Benchmark against competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses – finding the white space in a market
  • Discover key opinion leaders – find the best minds in a specific field of study/industry
  • Check job candidates' production, citations and h-index and compare them to others in the same field


  • Provide users in multiple sites across the globe with a world-class, comprehensive abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed content
  • Link quickly and accurately to full-text articles and books, optimizing your company's investments
  • Increase the visibility of and access to other library resources
  • Inform collection management decisions through analysis of highly cited articles, journals and journals

Researchers & Authors

  • Search for relevant topics/articles during the literature review phase or patent searches
  • Decide where to publish – analyze the top journals and authors in your discipline
  • Discover who is citing you
  • Explore how many citations an article or author has received and identify potential collaborators
  • Keep current with the latest developments in the academic and government sectors

How we support corporate researchers

Case Study: How Scopus improves product development outcomes (pdf 720 kb)

Discover how a research pathologist for a medical device manufacturer relies on Scopus to assess the available landscape of scientific approaches and identify industry opinion leaders for supplemental information.

Case Study: How Scopus supports rapid innovation in diagnostic testing (pdf 720 kb)

Discover how a regional head of R&D for a global veterinary diagnostics company relies on Scopus to save time to become expert in new technologies and identify potential partners.