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–Senior Technologist, Industrial Gases Company

"Scopus helps us maintain our position as the leader in the food packaging and processing industry. It helps us get a quick start and stay ahead.”

–Information Researcher, Global Packaging Manufacturer

"Scopus enables us to follow the best minds in science. Getting up to speed on a novel indication by knowing about existing research is a necessity when ramping up in an unfamiliar area.”

– R&D Executive, Mid-size Pharma

Trend analysis examples: Examine research topics with Scopus analytics

Green chemistry

To meet mounting regulations for process sustainability and environmental stewardship, industries are rethinking how they use chemistry. In particular, the desire to replace single-use, toxic, volatile and non-degradable solvents in production with ‘green solvents’ has fueled research into expanding the use of known benign compounds.

Discover application areas for green solvents

green chemistry

Digital oilfields

The digital oil field aims to drive efficiencies across sectors of the oil & gas industry by enabling fast responses based on real-time data about onsite and remote processes. But what are the latest ideas, and who is publishing them?

See what research is driving the digital oilfield

digital oilfields

Digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is on the cusp of rapid technological advances that are likely to disrupt the Equipment Manufacturing value chain. It is important to incorporate manufacturing trends into next-generation products. See how you can discover emerging research and identify experts to improve the equipment manufacturing lifecycle.

Learn about trends in digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing


The complexities of issues in Aerospace and Defense are ever evolving and can be difficult to capture and act upon. Uncovering research trends in cybersecurity can help you stay ahead of the competition and keep a pulse on key opinion leaders. Hone in on the research landscape to help plan for threats and risks to your industry.

Learn about trends in cybersecurity


Green & digital construction

Innovation in the design, planning and execution stages of construction are on the rise. Overcoming challenges in the engineering & construction industry requires insight into as many infrastructure breakthroughs as possible. See how you can identify impactful developments and identify the right professionals to plan and navigate your intricate development projects.

Learn about trends in green & digital construction

Green & digital construction

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Developing a superior technology - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

Featured customer story: Developing a superior technology ahead of the competition

A senior technologist and R&D manager at a major industrial gas company saved an entire year of research by tapping Scopus. In this case study, he describes how his product development process was fast-tracked.

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