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Today’s leading R&D organizations and key global funding bodies must stay ahead of scientific developments, drive new product development, assess research quality, liaise with key experts and maintain a competitive advantage.

Scopus’ rich abstract and citation database provides the reliable and comprehensive interdisciplinary research literature to meet those needs and fast-track scientific development.

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Scopus inspires confident, fact-based innovation decisions, easing the resource and time constraints faced by scientists with powerful search, analysis and visualization tools. Researchers can feel confident that they are not missing research or commercial application impacting tomorrow's products.

How can you benefit from Scopus

Make better research decisions

Scopus includes innovative tools to help identify research and thought leaders, discover evolving and new scientific fields and analyze research trends over time. It helps you:

  • Track and monitor global research output
  • Pinpoint trending insights and solutions
  • Identify and validate new ideas, technologies and applications
"Scopus helps me quickly build a basis to make a decision on next steps." Research Pathologist, Medical Device R&D

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Find leading experts and potential partners

Scopus contains search features to help researchers to identify new collaborators and publication venues. It helps you:

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  • Find the best minds and experts in all scientific fields
  • Evaluate potential collaborators and initiate new projects
  • Stay up to date on the latest research insights from key authors and opinion leaders
"Scopus enables us to follow the best minds in science. It also helps us determine whom we should reach out to." R&D Executive, Pharmaceutical company

Maintain a competitive edge

Scopus has the analytical tools to reveal trends so you can see where you stand and seize new opportunities before anyone else. It helps you:

  • Track and evaluate competitors’ latest research outputs
  • Monitor and anticipate industry partnerships
  • Find competitor solutions to specific R&D problems
"Scopus helps maintain our company’s position as the leader in the food packaging and processing industry. It helps us get a quick start and stay ahead." Information manager, global packaging manufacturer

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Gaining a competitive edge

A senior technologist and R&D manager at a major industrial gas company saved an entire year of research by tapping Scopus. In this case study, he describes how his product development process was fast-tracked.

Impactful insights – Powered by Scopus

The combination of content breadth and smart tools allows you to search, analyze and visualize research trends, leading authors and research groups as well as sources in growing fields. Let Scopus' impactful insights power your decisions.

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