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Around the world, individuals and institutions look to prominent ranking organizations to guide application, funding and research decisions, and those organizations look to Scopus to supply the reliable and comprehensive research performance data and analytics that their rankings are based on.

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A comprehensive source for research performance data and analytics

The quality, breadth and reliability of Scopus data combined with its transparent structure and the power of SciVal performance metrics - is the leading reason ranking organizations choose Elsevier to underpin their evaluations and reports.


Over the past 10 years, Elsevier has emerged as the partner of choice in the fast-developing field of rankings. Scopus data is used to calculate the influential rankings for the following organizations:

Bibliometric indicators - Ranking Organization - Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Institutional-level bibliometric indicators (e.g., publications, citations, citation impact)

Data structure - Ranking Organization - Scopus | Elsevier solutions

A transparent structure of its data

Broad coverage - Ranking Organization - Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Broad coverage, including a comprehensive source of data from emerging markets

Research Intelligence portfolio - Ranking Organization - Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Intelligence, benchmarking and analysis expertise from the Research Intelligence portfolio, which includes SciVal, Pure and Analytical Services

Embracing the REF - Scopus | Elsevier solutions

Learn more about Elsevier’s role over the past decade as a data provider and partner in a number of prestigious rankings, customized reports and national assessment exercises.

Embracing the REF – Supporting research excellence in the UK and beyond (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Reports & Assessments

Elsevier partners with research institutions, funders and policy makers worldwide to address research management challenges. Through the bibliometric expertise of Research Intelligence, and the extensive data sources available in Scopus, we can help your organization:

  • Enhance research performance: Engage in data-driven strategic planning and benchmark performance to maximize efficiency and impact of research enterprises
  • Support data standards: Facilitate in data sharing across systems and increase productivity throughout the research community
  • Investigate grand challenges: Collaborate with institutions to address major societal challenges such as food and water security, alternative energy and breast cancer

Accelerate your R&D with scientific intelligence

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Answering the most pressing challenges researchers and research managers face

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Improving pre-clinical studies success rates - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions

Improving pre-clinical studies success rates by leveraging external expertise

A pharmaceutical R&D executive in charge of a therapeutics strategic unit for a midmarket pharmaceutical company confides how Scopus helps her company move compounds through to the pre-clinical phase with more success and in a shorter period of time than the competition by providing easy access to necessary research and key experts – all in one solution.

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Speed in food packaging R&D

The key information researcher describes how she uses Scopus to deliver reports that catalyze innovation and competitive development.

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Speed in food packaging R&D - Scopus customer story | Elsevier solutions