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  • Providing your users with a global, comprehensive abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed content
  • Linking quickly and accurately to full-text scientific articles, optimizing your institution's investments
  • Increasing the visibility of and access to other library resources
  • Informing collection management decisions through analysis of highly-cited articles and journals

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  • Effective search tools and automated workflows to boost research performance and impact in an increasingly complex research landscape
  • 76 million records from journals, books and book series, conference proceedings and trade publications, and more!

Scopus ensures your students, researchers and faculty have insight into the multidisciplinary, global content to drive their research forward.

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Not having access to Scopus would be tantamount to returning to the "Stone Age" as far as I am concerned!

– Graduate Student

Without Scopus, I would seek a library that offers it.

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