Activating Scopus

Scopus is available as an annual subscription. Under the terms of the Elsevier agreement, Scopus can be used by anyone who accesses it from within a subscribing institution or organization. Remote access and/or access by walk-in users may be granted at the discretion of the library and is an option within the Scopus agreement. The subscription price for Scopus varies according to the size and research output of the institution or organization, as well as by geographic location. View an Elsevier sample subscription agreement (docx  70.6 kb).

If you would like more information about Scopus or wish to subscribe, please contact us.

Once your account is activated, Scopus access can be set up according to your preference of:

  • Your institutional IP address range
  • A list of usernames and passwords that you supply
  • Shibboleth and/or OpenAthens authentication service

The Scopus Admin Tool allows you or your Scopus administrator to grant remote access to a user or groups of users. Learn more.