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With the best coverage of research worldwide, 16 million author profiles, and robust API integrations, Scopus empowers research performance at your institution — like no other A&I database in existence.

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Power the future of research with Scopus.

The research landscape is increasingly complex. You strive to give your users best-in-class experiences, and you know reliable data and technology systems are vital to your institution’s performance.

Libraries are the center of your institutional research ecosystem — the collaborative and connected spaces that drive discovery. Scopus serves 84% of the top universities and offers up to 230% more global content than the closest competitor. You and your institution need this type of support to thrive in a competitive, global research environment. With over 16 million author profiles, 69 million articles and data used by 4,000+ leading research organizations, Scopus is like no other scientific database in the world.

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Coverage of Global Insights with Scoups

Best coverage of global insights and analytics
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With up to 230% more titles indexed worldwide than the leading competitor, find information from more disciplines, sub-disciplines and emerging markets where research is growing.

"Scopus provides a more comprehensive and wider range of scholarly information, enabling me to get a broader insight into the area I am researching." Graduate student, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Efficient Research Workflow with Scoups

Better research workflow efficiency
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Featuring smart tools to track, analyze and visualize information, Scopus provides your researchers with the data they need, when they need it.

"The use of Scopus has boosted my research activities because I easily find information and authors in my research area. I am also informed in real time about work being done in my research areas." Faculty, Educational Institution, Cameroon
More Insights for Stakeholder Discussions with Scopus

More insights for stakeholder discussions
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Featuring work from leading institutions and emerging global research capitals, Scopus stays ahead of trends so that your institution remains at the forefront of research and innovation.

"If Scopus were not available, we would be almost blind to scientific progress." Principal Investigator, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Superior Data Quality with Scopus

Superior data quality trusted by world-leading organizations
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Scopus adds value to data by ensuring that articles, authors and affiliations are curated and correctly identified for precise and meaningful content discovery. This relational data model means Scopus is increasingly becoming the leading data source for institutions making decisions about funding, rankings and national assessments.

"Scopus is a highly informative system that allows you to retrieve reliable information about your own and other authors’ professional profiles and perform a rapid and efficient search [of] the literature." Barbara Pasculli, Postdoctoral Scholar/Researcher, Ospedale Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, Italy
Scopus API Integration

Easier database and platform integration
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Robust APIs expose abstracts and citations from scholarly journals, books and conferences, so content from Scopus can be incorporated into websites and platforms.

"Scopus enables a detailed search with keywords and sends me notices of the articles that I am interested in." Graduate Student, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

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