Scopus provides unmatched content and data quality, with superior search and analytical tools

With comprehensive content coverage, high-quality data, and precise search and analytical tools, Scopus gives researchers, librarians, research managers, and R&D professionals the insights to drive better decisions, actions, and outcomes.

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Comprehensive content coverage

Scopus indexes content from 24,600 active titles and 5,000 publishers—all rigorously vetted and selected by an independent review board. Users get access to thousands of titles, millions of author profiles, and billions of cited references.

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High-quality data

Scopus uses a rich underlying metadata architecture for all indexed content to connect people, published ideas and institutions. Conduct precise searches and integrate data into other platforms using APIs. Esteemed ranking organizations like Times Higher Education rely on Scopus’ current, reliable and trustworthy data.

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Enhanced literature search

Through state-of-the-art search tools and filters that are easy to use, Scopus empowers users to discover critical information, monitor trends, and identify subject matter experts.

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Analytical tools

Scopus helps users visualize, compare and export data to evaluate research output and trends.

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Answering researchers' key questions

Learn how you can use Scopus to help researchers

How do I find the right journals? How do I identify new research areas? How do I enhance my author profile? Get easy-to-follow tips on how you can use Scopus to help your researchers answer their key questions.

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Research metrics

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Need to better understand what benefits you are getting from published research? Scopus makes it simple by offering a suite of metrics that allow you to evaluate the literature at the journal, article, and author levels.

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