Step 1 - Agreement

Books will only be considered for evaluation if they meet the following minimum criteria

Thank you for your interest in Scopus. Please carefully read the minimum criteria below and make sure that the books you are suggesting for Scopus meet all of these.

If you are not the publisher of these books, we recommend that you contact the publisher of the books and request that they complete this Book Suggestion form.

Please note that Scopus will evaluate suggested books one time per year. If the books meet all requirements, Scopus will contact the books suggestor for additional details.

Books will only be considered for evaluation if they meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Books are made available for Scopus indexing free of charge.
  • Scopus will only consider books for inclusion based on full publisher level and will not consider individual books for evaluation.
  • Scopus will only cover the forward flow of books from the year of selection going forward. If available, Scopus will not index previously published editions of the book.
  • Scopus requires access to the full-text for 2-4 books for the quality evaluation.
  • Scopus requires an overview of your complete book title portfolio in Excel format.
  • All books must contain ISBNs. If the books contains ISSNs, please suggest these separately via the title suggestion form via:
  • All books must be available in digital format (PDF or xml for example).
  • All metadata must be captured in ONIX or MARC.
  • All metadata must contain BIC or BISAC subject area codes.
  • Full text of the book content must be in the English language.
  • The book types in scope are: Monographs, edited volumes, major reference works, and graduate level text books.