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Frontal Process of Maxilla
Skeletal System

Frontal Process of Maxilla

Processus frontalis maxillae

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The frontal process (nasal process) is the thin, long, superior projection found along the anterosuperior aspect of the maxilla. The frontal process:

—is continuous inferiorly with the body of maxilla;

—consists of the anterior lacrimal crest and ethmoidal crest of maxilla;

—contributes to the formation of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.

The frontal process of maxilla articulates:

—anteriorly, with the lateral border of the nasal bone, forming the nasomaxillary suture;

—superiorly, with the nasal margin of the frontal bone, forming the frontomaxillary suture;

—posteriorly, with the lacrimal bone, contributing to the formation of the lacrimomaxillary suture;

—medially, with the middle nasal concha of ethmoid bone.

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